Thursday, August 2, 2012

If I Post A Bunch Of Pictures, Can We Pretend That I'm Blogging For Real?

Played our first game of tennis.

Fallen asleep in the pool.

Made fun of Grandma and Grandpa's glasses.

Bonded with Grandma Carr (whose 90th birthday is TODAY.)

Played baseball... a lot.

Charmed the world with our smiles.

Swam in Grandpa's pool.

Played with Quinn.

Rode the train. (Adam is in front of Jeff. Also, best picture ever.)

Gotten tuckered out after going to the water park.

Played in Greg's toy room.

Had a sleepover. (For a minute.)

Taken a family picture. (As did my family- pictures to come.)

Played around with Mommy.

Played around with Daddy.

Discovered the joys of blow-up pools.

Met lots of new (and cute) family,

Swam in a hot tub.
Said cheese and cried.

Celebrated the 4th with a goofy hat.

Started wishing we had more hats.

Gone on dates.

Stayed up late.

Enjoyed backwoods.

Visited the temple and saw the room we were married in.

Continued to love hats.

Visited a ranch.

And an airport.

Loved the giant barn.

Watched a parade.
Got rained out of a wedding.

Swam some more.

Spent time with Great Grandpa Pugsley

Worked on our standing.

Had our first airplane ride.

Ok, it was a private plane. We are super cool. (Thanks, Grandma Carr)
We had an amazing time on our 3 week vacation. I wish I had more pictures from our time in Salt Lake, but nobody in my family takes pictures. Lame.


Chloe Smith said...

Wow. Im friend of the were in salt lake?! :( ill just tell myself it was so busy filled w family that I won't feel bad for not seeing you. Why did I think you were on vacation but not here :/ ,lame preg brain.
I love the pics!! Happy summer time!

Brent and Shanna Farley said...

Looks like you guys have been busy!!! And looks super fun!!! :) Miss you guys!! The kids have grown so much!!

Natalie said...

You have 2 of the cutest kids ever. Avery is just so perfect. I love her sleeping in the pool. And Adam has such a cute face!