About Us

Some facts:

  • We met at Utah State University in 2007. Please stop asking if we went to BYU- you can be Mormon and not go to BYU.
  • Oh yeah, we're Mormons. And we're proud of it. And we're still delightful. (Especially Sarah.)
  • We got married on May 3rd, 2008. It wasn't really that pretty of a day. 
  • Adam was born on May 12th, 2010. The verdict's still out on him.
  • Jeff once told Sarah that he loved her like he loved his cat. It was the nicest thing he's ever said. 
  • Sarah once ate a stray piece of popcorn she found off the counter in a movie theater. In front of the cashier.
  • Everyday, Adam does things that are weirder than the aforementioned two.