Monday, August 20, 2012

Because I'm Tired.

I'm sorry for my lack of blogging. I love blogging and I love reading blogs (everyone should blog more), but well, I'm really tired. Really really tired. I keep forgetting how to spell things. Like the word "egg."

Avery is a baaaad sleeper. On our trip, she did a couple of 6 hour stretches, but she has never ever done that at home. She wakes up every 3 hours, sometimes more. I look forward to sleep training her next month- and moving her bed into our guest bathroom. We have a surprisingly big bathroom.

Avery also has something that I've dubbed "late-onset colic." Basically, she started screaming about 3 hours a day. That's how much she'd scream- she'd fuss whenever she was awake. It just kept escalating, and finally we took her in to the doctor and determined she had a milk allergy. Adam had one too, but he wasn't fussy, he'd just poop blood. When she was born, the nurses at the hospital told me that it was very likely she'd get one too, so I kept waiting for her to have blood in her diaper, but it never came. I know it manifests itself in different ways, but I thought she'd have similar symptoms as her brother. Anyways, I'm off milk now and within a few days, she was like a new baby. It is just crazy how different she is now.

But she's still a bad sleeper, and I am super sleep-deprived. Thus the point of this post. A lot of weird things have been happening in the middle of the night because I'm tired- I'd like to share some of them.

  • I keep falling asleep sitting and standing up.
  • I keep trying to feed Avery my shoulder.
  • I sometimes wake up and find myself wearing (or not wearing) clothes that I don't remember putting on or taking off.
  • Sometimes, and this one is hard to explain, I forget what gender Avery is. I'll hear her cry and think "I've got to go get him." I noticed the other night that I asked Jeff to burp "him." 
  • I woke up and found myself sitting on the guest bathroom toilet. (Not using it.)
  • I notice that sometimes I just walk around the apartment for a few minutes when she wakes me up, before I realize that I need to get her. 
  • I wake up sometimes and I can't remember my name. I'll sit there and just think about it for longer than I'm proud of. I definitely forget everyone else's name too. 
  • I keep standing up to get Avery, deciding I'm too tired to walk, and crawling instead.
I'm tired during the day too, but it's less of an interesting story. ("Hey, Adam, do you want to watch another movie?" "You can have your juice once you finish your ice cream." "Hey, who's ready to take a nap?") Having two kids is hard, but I sure do love whatshisface and whoeversheis. 

He keeps stealing my iPod and taking pictures. 


Fresh and Feisty said...

I'm pretty sure this is going to be me in a couple months. Dylan never has slept well. We thought we had him in his own room but at this point we don't care where he sleeps as long as it's the best sleep all three of us can sleep! You are awesome though...and I wish you the best of luck :)

Chloe Smith said...

Sarah you crack me up. I feel you. Neil has always been a good sleeper. He still is. Jay, on the other hand ...he is a year and still wakes up in the night. Maybe its a second child thing?! I hope she starts to sleep better for you!

EmilyBateman said...

Don't worry Sarah, when Toby was a baby and I was sleep deprived I often thought "Why won't she be quiet?" or "Why is she crying?" I think its just a sleep deprived mom thing.

Val said...

Charlotte and Lydia were named "This one and That one" at night. Hang in there.

Audrey said...

My heart always goes out to moms with babies that don't sleep well. I hope sleep training is successful. When Cooper finally started sleeping well I was amazed at how I felt like a new person and was slightly embarrassed to realize I'd been an unsociable crab for almost two years . . . at least you are funny :)

Jaclyn Curler said...

I feel ya on the bathroom thing. Everleigh's about to outgrow her bassinet (it's an extra-long which is why it's lasted to long) and until we get her a crib, her playpen is down in the living room and she sleeps in there. While my dad was recently out of town (we live with my parents right now) for almost two weeks, the playpen was rolled into my mom's master so the tv wouldn't disturb Ever. One night I went up to bed and Ever kept fussing so my mom just rolled her into her master bath. It's a HUGE space, so it's fine, but it's funny to say it. Apparently my aunt's friend used to roll their baby into the closet. It was a giant walk-in one.

Mrs. Hittson said...

Having insomnia, I thought I knew what tired was before Lorelei was here. I don't know how you do it with two!