Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've Been Had.

I use a nice lotion, Johnson & Johnson's Melt Away Stress Lotion. It smells nice and has a very sweet message on inner-beauty and relaxation on the back.

Today, when I needed to buy Adam some new lotion, I decided to buy Johnson & Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion. It's a nice concept, I thought. I'm sure it will smell nice, I thought.


I know that the packaging is similar. I know it's the same brand. I know that Johnson & Johnson is a MEGA-corporation and therefore evil. 

But I had faith that my baby had a special-baby lotion.

I am pretty mad about this. You can tell because I keep looking up things about Johnson & Johnson and Jeff looked over and said, "I love how you like to research your enemies."

You're on my list, Johnson & Johnson.


Fresh and Feisty said...

The real question is why does Adam need lotion. Does he actually have dry skin or do you just like the smell? Dylan still has that "baby soft skin" and we've never used lotion on him. That's where you've been had :)

Vienna said...

Whatever, I love Johnson and Johnson. They could put the original pink stuff in all kinds of different colored bottles and I wouldn't even care.

Sarah Carr said...

You know, he does get dry skin, and we do notice when we skip it. But it is mostly because I like the smell.