Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life's A Beach... And Then You Come Home.

We had a great holiday season, which was spent traveling around, specifically to the Wasatch Front/Northern Utah/Eastern Idaho/Central Idaho area. Holy cow, it was cold.

But despite the coldness, it was simply wonderful. I do love Utah and Idaho- even in the winter. Mostly, I love seeing family and friends and watching Adam eat wrapping paper.

I don't ever make New Year's resolutions, because I don't ever have the intention of keeping them, but if I did have a resolution, it might be to blog more. I love keeping up with all of your lives, and I should be fair and let you into ours.

Some bulletins:

  • Jeff got straight-A's. Stanford, Schmanford. 
  • Adam can sit up now, but he vastly prefers standing.
  • I'm pretty much the same, which makes me a little sad to report.
  • There are a lot of mushrooms here- I like to stomp on them. (Ah! There's something to report.)
  • Adam is becoming more vocal every day. He likes to say "Ha!" 
  • Jeff is taking a course in old church Slavonic and it's taught by a professor at Columbia. Stanford flies him in every week to teach 5 students. Crazy, huh?
  • I am waging a psychological war with racoons. They're winning.
  • Jeff keeps beating me at Wii Jeopardy and I keep being a poor sport. 
  • We're happy to be back in California. It's warm here and they're building a Panda Express down the street.

This vacation was really just an excuse for me to put Adam in a Santa hat.

Unfortunately, his shirt says "GIMMIE all the presents." Old Navy, you're now on the list.

Some delicious ribbon on Christmas.

Adam got a paper cup in his stocking.

Adam's first winter outing.

He didn't like the snow. (This is now my favorite picture of all time.)

Three generations of Carrs that have all weaseled their way into my heart.

Under less than ideal circumstances, we got to spend time with Hermana Parry. She hated the cold even more than Adam.


Adam's new space-saving high chair.

He drinks from a sippy now.     


Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

I'm rather glad that although we only saw you for a brief period of time, it was simply magical! It just made me realize how much we miss you guys and took for granted living in the same town as you guys when you lived here! I'm glad you had fun on your visit and we can wait to come to California! For the record I would love to stomp mushrooms with you! Also I'll have to tell my mom to look at your blog 'cause she's obsessed with Adam!

Karlie Ann Ady said...

Hooray for the holdiays- poopy we didn't hook up and now live quite literally on opposite sides of the country. Please come vaca here. Free room and board. Can you beat that, really?

Karissa said...

I love Christmas Adam.

Mary Susan said...

Looks like you guys had fun! It's always nice to get back home... but sad to leave vacation.

Maybe Adam would take his poop juice in his sippy cup. Have you tried that yet? Maybe that could be the start of something wonderful for you :)

Chloe Smith said...

Got to love the pic of adam where its pretty obvious he is not enjoying the cold! Funny how you live basically your whole life in the cold, go away for a little bit and completely forget how to live in the cold. I was in san diego for two weeks christmas 08 and when I came back to utah I forgot how to function! Lol