Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dry Spell.

I'm having a hard time finishing blog post lately. This is the 4th one in several days. I just want to get one out there so I can get over this drought and hydrate you all with the salacious details of our lives. But it's hard to get over blogging dry spells.

But how could I not finish this post? Today I gave Adam his first haircut. He was born with a lot of hair, but lost it... mostly. He had big shock of hair on the top of his head that refused to fall out and some gross little stragglers on the sides. So instead of waiting for his Aunt Vienna to give him a good haircut in December, (as I would have definitely asked her to) I decided to intervene.

Poor guy was just enjoying his unruly natural state.
I decided to make his hair an actual comb-over before we began.
Ready to begin. Looks like he has gum in his mouth.
Unstyled, his hair reminds me of this photo.
He looks cute with a faux-hawk.  But that's a little too Posh and Becks for us.
Pushed to the side of the pudding bowl will do just fine for us.


Audrey said...

I think I've started and deleted several posts as well. The blog-o-sphere has been a little slow in general; a bad case of Writer's block must be making the rounds. Even with losing some of it, your kid still has more hair than mine. Love the comb over.

Chloe Smith said...

hahahah i about died laughing about the comb over pic!