Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey, That's Neat.

It seems like a pretty popular thing in the blogging world is to brag about how cool your baby or your man is. "Brixtyn has started saying 'Mama!' We're so excited to tell his doctor at his 6 month appointment." Or "I know everyone says that they have the smartest husband, but I REALLY have the smartest husband." I'm going to switch things up.

Let's talk about how cool I am.

I am so great. I keep cleaning this pink liquid off the bathroom ceiling, and it keeps coming back, and I keep secretly being scared that it's like that pink slime in Ghostbusters 2 that abducts Sigourney Weaver's baby, BUT I keep being brave and cleaning it anyways.

I am so awesome. I like making up songs for Adam, but only to the tune of existing songs. I've almost completed my masterpiece, "Mommy Dream," inspired by Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." (Featured lyrics: We moved to Cali and took you to the beach. Went to a hotel and twice you peed on the sheets.)

I am just so...

Ok, you caught me.

This post is really about how great Jeff is. I know everyone says that they have the smartest husband but I REALLY have the smartest husband. (Hee) Jeff is wonderful in practically every way. I love him as much as he loves Futurama or maybe even as much as he loves chips and salsa. (Hee)

Some of you may know that before we moved out here to the farm (Stanford slang for Stanford), Jeff worked for USU's PR office for a year. He loved it and, by all accounts, was great at his job. His masterpiece (or Mommy Dream, if you will. Featured lyrics: Let's sleep through the night tonight, no regrets, just sleep.) was researching for and writing the new university website. Well, the new website launched on Saturday, and it looks great. I know that Jeff would want me to tell you all that he was one of several collaborators and that the website isn't finished yet, so note those things. But it was really cool when I asked Jeff what he did in relation to website and he showed me page after page that came from his mind. That's a pretty special thing.

Hey, Jeff. I'd like to use this public forum to tell you that I think you're pretty neat. I think the website is neat. I think that anything you ever do is neat. Even if you wanted to write songs for Lady Gaga, that would be neat. I love you and I love seeing the result of your hard work. But in reality, the coolest thing to me is that the "I live here" logo on the grad school site is your handwriting. That just blows my mind.

Can we all just raise a virtual glass to my husband? Here's to Jeff- writer, student, and salsa-enthusiast.  You are so brilliant, I can barely move.


Shantel said...

Way to go Jeff! That really is so awesome. David and I were just talking about the new USU website like an hour ago. Little did I know then that I knew one of the great masterminds behind it! That is really awesome.

Also, Sarah. I think that you are pretty neat, too. :)

Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

Huzzah for Jeff! He's a pretty cool guy and I would like to note that in my virtual glass I'm toasting with Pepsi! I must say I love your Teenage Dream remix for Adam! I hope I have an affinity for song manipulating when we have our baby! I cannot wait to see you in December!

The Kims said...

Nope, I don't claim to have the smartest husband in the world, I think that jeff is probably the smartest husband in the world. Don't get me wrong, I think Jayson is pretty dang smart and I love him an awful lot, but let's not sugar coat it, we all know that Jeff is BRILLIANT. The website looks AWESOME! That is SO SO SO INCREDIBLE that his handwriting is on the school website! I love it. I think Jayson's brother may have helped with searching part of the website. crazy!

The Kims said...

p.s. I think you're pretty neat yourself.

Rachel said...


Natalie said...

Sarah you're so cute! Love the Teenage Dream remix!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the comment. :) You're right, the only person I've ever heard of going to Outer Darkness is Cain as well. My question is, if your family and friends are divided up into different kingdoms, is that really true happiness? I remember that the people in the higher kingdoms can go to the lower kingdoms to visit but not vice versa.

Jenny said...

:) I like your song lyrics Sarah. And way to go with the web design Jeff.