Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Night.

The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band decided to start playing outside our house. At 3 AM.

The Stanford band is famous mostly for being insane. (Example: Marni texting me, "Why is your band dressed like Mario?" I couldn't tell you, Marn.) I usually enjoy the band, mostly because I didn't know that you could paint murals on tubas and I respect that they do. I like when strange people do strange things to music.


Since I never seem to be asleep, I heard them for a good 10 seconds before Jeff woke up. 

JEFF: "Whaaaa?"

ME: "It's the marching band."

JEFF: "Whaa?"

ME: "It must be because of the big game."

JEFF: "Awwwwesome."

He smiled, laid back down and instantly fell into a peaceful sleep.

I tensely waited for the music I was waiting for.

ADAM: "Waaaaahhhh!"

Awesome, indeed. 

 Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, you're on my list.


Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

That's nice that Adam wanted to contribute to your conversation! I'm sorry Jeff has the ability to cancel the noise and just sleep! You're a trooper my friend!

Anonymous said...

That wasn't the Stanford Band. That was the Kal Band. It's a tradition of their to play their trumpets at 3 in the morning around Stanford during Big Game week.

Audrey said...

Gotta love college campuses. In Logan someone that lived near us had an unlimited supply of illegal fireworks that they rationed out for an entire year and would randomly set a couple off whenever they felt like it. They never set off enough for me to be able to pinpoint their location, which was probably a good thing for them.

Jeff said...

So it was Cal that woke up my family. My disdain of them had thus far been mostly ideological, but now it's personal.

Anonymous said...

It's okay-- the stanford band and a motley crew of ~20 stanford students were out on the hunt that night. Ended up egging 2 cal cars full of trumpeters. They were also covered in lentils and then chased down to the 101. Did a much better job of finding them than last year.

Mandy said...

Holy crazy!!! You guys need to invest in a paintball gun - sounds like they're cool with paint on their instruments, anyway.

Mary Susan said...

I heard them too! What were they thinking?!