Thursday, October 7, 2010


"Nugget" has been my favorite word for a while now. First of all, it sounds funny. Secondly, there's something gross or shocking or something about it- I'm not sure what, but I like it. It's almost like a dirty word that you just found out is ok to say, like "dam." This blog post is brought to you by the word "nugget"- enjoy the little nuggets of our life.

  • Jeff is gone all day, everyday. When he's home, he studies. Turns out, grad school is hard.
  • I was suctioning boogers out of Adam's nose and he flipped out and scratched himself pretty good. Unlike most baby scratches, this one hasn't healed yet. Baby skin is amazing- it heals fast and is so smooth. Totally jealous.
  • I am determined to win something from McDonald's Monopoly. Preferrably a million dollars.
  • Today Adam had to sneeze and he kept doing the preparatory ahh, but never getting to the choo. After a few of these, he looked at me and we giggled.
  • I'm having post-East of Eden depression. I read it, loved it and now I just can't find anything that's as good.
  • Jeff's hair is getting pretty long (for him), he's also been really stressed, thus debunking my Jeff-is-more-mellow-with-longer-hair theory.
  • We went to San Fransisco and saw a guy wearing a top hat and a monocle.
  • Both sets of Adam's grandparents have already been to see us. They claim they just happened to be in California.
  • Adam has discovered he has legs, feet, and toes. He's finally starting to support his weight on his legs.
  • After being erroneously told that citrus doesn't grow here, I have been on orange-tree hunts. Unfortunately, I usually only see them while I'm driving in East Palo Alto, where I also saw a man holding a semi-automatic gun.
  • Jeff and I have discovered "How I met your Mother." Have you ever seen that show? It is hi-larious.
  • Adam is still allergic to milk. (Did I ever mention that here? Adam's allergic to milk. We found out after I found some blood in  his poop on July 29th. Yes, I'm counting the days.) Since I can't have any dairy while I'm breastfeeding, I have become addicted to pink lemonade. It is my new go-to drink since milk is out of the question.
  • I'm lonely, I admit it. I thought I was good at making friends, but it's possible I just always ran into people who really were good at making friends. Because I really haven't made any yet.
  • Jeff is in the highest level of Russian taught at Stanford. That's a big deal because most of the other people in his program aren't.
  • Fall is weird here. Leaves are falling, but things are also blossoming too. 
  • I found out there is a DownEast in Sacramento. I kinda want to go...
  • I am working on my Civil War and Reconstruction class. Shout out to Frederick Douglass.
  • And what you really want- pictures of the Adam variety.


    The Kims said...

    Adam gets cuter everytime I seem him..I swear it!!

    Don't worry Sarah,You ARE good at making friends, it just takes a bit to get to know people sometimes. You will have some. You'll see.

    Gretchen said...

    Sarah, I need you to know that you make me laugh. Also, that you're very talented at producing adorable progeny. :)
    (Oh, and HIMYM is legen...wait for it...)

    Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

    I like the fact that Adam fits conveniently right there in Jeff's legs! Also the word "nugget" is an excellent word! I use it to describe people with no arms or legs and my friend Maeve uses it to describe her Philippino boss at Wells Fargo who she claims is just a little "nugget" of a person.

    Sarah if we could come to California, like we planned over the summer, then I would love to but I think it may have to wait till next year! I'll give you a call sometime so we can catch up!

    P.s. I also quite enjoy the Sarah sleeping and Adam pictures...I don't think you knew Jeff was gonna take the picture!

    Audrey Merket said...

    Sorry to hear about the dairy allergy. We thought Cooper had one for awhile and it was difficult for me. I did discover that Vanilla Almond milk was delicious and fairly tasty on cereal. Vanilla rice milk isn't too bad either. I think breaking into an existing social dynamic is just hard, especially with a baby. I'm still working on it here. We could commiserate or brainstorm ideas sometime.

    Natalie said...

    Sarah your little boy is so cute!

    Karlie Ann Ady said...

    Adam is adorable! Call me!

    Shantel said...

    I always love to read your posts. You are so funny Sarah. Also, Adam is adorable!

    Jonathan and Linsi said...

    Hi Sarah! I'm glad you are semi-liking California. I feel the same about Vegas, but it grows. I can't believe how much bigger Adam looks already! He's darling. So we had the missionaries over tonight and I just wanted to tell you that so you would know we are nice people. Kidding, actually I wanted to tell you that because one of them was YOUR cousin! Crazy huh? I remembered your maiden name ( I have no idea how! I can't even remember my anniversary.) and so I asked him if he had any cousins from Sandy and we had a "small world" moment. He said you are one of his favorite cousins and that he really likes you, oh, and to tell you hi! So hi from him and us! Hope you make new friends soon!

    Mary Susan said...

    Love the blog! Email me at and I will send you an invite.

    Anonymous said...

    Dearest Sarah - I too feel the absence of Steve now that he is in Grad. school. Its tough, but its nice to know I'm not the only one in the same boat. His super stress, and I just keep thinking he is so smart and he will do fine,so a little for me when I need him is not to much to ask. I'm sorry your lonely. I think your great and would gladly be your friend in another state. by the way its fun to adam getting so big. Jael Thompson

    Jenny said...

    Andrew had a dairy allergy too. Have you tried Almond milk? It's pretty tasty.