Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Man, I Love Adam.

I'm in trouble.

Every day I fall more in love with Adam. I can't stop giving him kisses (especially now that he smiles when I do). I try to be composed. I try not to become a gushy, gooey, blob when I talk about my baby.

But it's so hard.

I just love that little guy. I love how he blows raspberries. I love how he sometimes sighs in happiness when he sees me. I love how he will fall asleep within seconds of getting in his swing. I love how he and Jeff will just beam at each other. I love how he had beautiful hair, I only slightly love how he lost it. I really love how it's coming back in. I really really love how I found a Rogaine coupon in his carseat. REALLY LOVE. I love that he sucks in air when he gets really happy. I love that Jeff and I miss him when he's asleep. I love that he gnaws on his toes, even though he obviously thinks they taste gross. I love that he has the ability to roll from his back to his tummy, but chooses not to. I love how even though he's a bad sleeper and I'm always tired, I'm so happy to see him in the morning.

He just makes me so happy. Did anyone ever tell you that about parenthood? The overwhelming joy? Yep. It's there.

I recommend babies, I highly do.


Karlie Ann Ady said...

I love him too! And I love how Jeff is cut off in the one photo. And I love the Hunger Games Series. Yes that's right. Started Friday and finished it 3:30 in the morning on Monday- whoo! And as always I love you! Thank you so much for sending those it made my day. Ok then :)

Shantel said...

I love this post Sarah! It seems that all i've heard about kids lately are things that make me want to put off having children for a little while longer. I'm glad to hear about the overwhelming joy that comes from having a baby. That makes me excited for the future. He is so cute, and I love your little family!

Zach said...

Man, let me tell you how much I hate Toby. . . just kidding. I love that little guy. Wish we could see more of Adam. . . and you two. Hoping all is well.

The Kims said...

Well, I think you have every right to be gushy over your baby, so don't try not to. I love this post! So cute:)

Than & Lina said...

Cute post. I don't know what it is either, but sometimes I can't stop kissing Anika :)

Emily and Ryan said...

So cute! Babies are the greatest things ever! You just gotta love them. Hope you eventually settle in in Cali. I can't even imagine that type of a change, but I know 2 people that can do it and that would be you guys.