Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Discourse on California




-The water here is gross, really gross. Every time I draw a bath, it smells like the ocean. I buy lots of bottled water. I know it's not very green of me, but I'm sorry, the water here is too gross.

-The actual ocean is a half hour away.

-Most everything here is too expensive. Example- a box of Poptarts is 1.99 in Logan, 3.99 here. Even my beloved Taco Bell is more expensive here, and trust me, I'd know.

-Produce seems to be cheaper. On account of it actually being grown here. 

 -Speaking of the Bell, the nearest Taco Bell is not a drive-thru. C'mon!

-If I decide to eat non-Taco Bell food, everything I could ever want is nearby. I can't even keep track of all the different food ethnicities I've seen.

-Our apartment is kind of ugly.

-There is so much storage.

-It's really cold at night and Stanford housing refuses to let anyone use their heat.

-It's really hot during the day... thus the heat refusal.

-It's TOO hot during the day.

-Good excuse for Slurpee runs.

-I miss my friends.

-There are so many cool people here. People are genuinely nice here. 

-I miss our families.

-My parents have already come to visit and Jeff's will follow suite in 2 weeks. When you live in a cool place, people come.

-Adam is going bald. (Maybe not California's fault, but he sure had hair in Utah.)

-He's still really cute.

-There's no video store nearby.

-We got Netflix, which will save us money. (Don't judge- we rent a lot of movies)

-Everything is organic here. What if I WANT my food unnatural?

-There is no upside to that. Organic food is way too expensive.

-Everything is so unfamiliar.

-But in a good way- there's always an adventure. For example, we ate lunch at the house John Steinbeck was born in and then went to the beach. Can't do that in Utah. I guess you could eat lunch in front of the Osmond's house and then go to the Great  Salt Lake, but I hear the GSL smells like poop.



Noel said...
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Noel said...

1.) Get a Brita/Pur filter. You can have ours if you'd like. The water pressure at our house keeps blowing it clean off the faucet.

2.) We have discovered Netflix as well. It's great.

3.) Speaking of Netflix you should watch Food, Inc. (It's even a "play instantly" option.) That might change your mind about the organic food.

4.) Have fun at the ocean!

The Kims said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear more about your move. Everything has its ups and downs. I miss you!! I am also way jealous that you live a half an hour from the ocean. It's probably best that I don't though, I'd probably never do anything but go to the ocean.

Shantel said...

I LOVE Netflix. Like seriously love it. You should watch "Tin Man". Its a three part series and I thought it was great. I am always up for some good instant play movies.

Good luck in California! It sounds like quite the adventure.

Vienna said...

Remember how you were sad that it wasn't that warm there at first? Be careful what you wish for, m'dear.

The water in California is quite undrinkable. My grandparents and aunts have always had those big bottled water vendor...things.

I'm quite distressed to find out that Adam is going bald. Must be the stress.

I am glad you are having adventures though. Sometimes is nice just to be someplace and do something new.

The Brady's said...

Yeah, California if full of hippies, thus the Organic stuff. But, I do like shopping at the Whole Foods store.

As for the Taco Bell, I would try & find a taqueria. Those are usually good, depending on the one. In Santa Rosa, CA there's like 8+ & we like only 1 of them the best.

OH ADAM...Parker's hair thinned out a lot too. His hair line was receding & then it took a while to grow back in & forward to cover more of his forehead. I believe that's normal. You should get over that too.

Sorry it's so hot! On the bright side, no snow coming your way, eh?

Good luck with everything. Sad we didn't catch you guys before you left.

Jenny said...

:) Glad you're settling in well. The organic food may grow on you- I hear it's supposed to have superior flavor ;)

All our babies lost their newborn hair a few months after birth. Then their hair didn't grow again till they were about two.