Friday, October 2, 2009

One Of Us Has Something Growing Inside.

Or HAD something growing inside...

It's Jeff, and it's an infected appendix. On Saturday, the little guy couldn't take anymore and burst. It really made our week spicy. Emergency surgery, 4 day hospitalization, sleep deprivation.

Who knew something the size of a pinky could cause so much trouble???

Worst of all, Jeff's belly now looks like Frankenstein with braces. Yep, try and picture that.

I'll keep you updated when I get my rest.



The Weights said...

I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that. He looked pretty tired when I dropped off the bread. Poor guy with the belly button stitches...that one was the worst for me with my gallbladder. Please please please, let me know if you guys need anything. We're bringing over apple streudel cinnamon rolls tomorrow, if they turn out. Ben's wife is JUST ABOUT TO HAVE HER BABY, so we're staying up and making goodies just cause.

Rob and Vienna said...

You only wish it was you that had something growing inside. You know, like a baby.