Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Help a Brother Out.

Ok, I'm not a brother in any sense of the word, but I thought it was funny. I wanted to put "Brotha" but thought that it would make me seem like a wankster. I'm not, I'm the real deal.

So here's the thing: Jeff and I are headed to New York for Thanksgiving! Wahoo! We are going with Jeff's family. Normally, they prefer to eat their Thanksgiving dinner in Idaho Falls, but this year a group of us are flying out to New York to meet Jeff's dad for the blessed event. He will be in Kenya, and meeting in New York is a lot more doable for him. I wish I was going to Kenya, just so I could say "I'd like to, but I'm going to be in Kenya that day." I hope this tradition will escalate, so in the future, we Carrs will all meet in Nairobi for Thanksgiving. The locals will think we are crazy, but we'll import turkey nonetheless. (I'm just assuming they don't have turkeys in Africa. Does that make me racist?)

Anyway, whilst in New York, there is talk of seeing a Broadway show. Because I am a recovering Broadway devotee (I only say "recovering" because there isn't enough room on my ipod anymore for all the musicals I had) the gauntlet of choosing a show has fallen on my shoulders. (At least, I think so.) I would like input. These are the contenders:

  • Wicked (A favorite of mine that I've never seen, but others in our party have.)
  • Ragtime (I'm pushing for this one, because I like the song where the lady buries her baby.)
  • Jersey Boys (My in-laws like the idea of this one, but I like musicals with women in them)
  • Phantom (I'm only a moderate fan, but I hear it's pretty cool on stage.)
  • Billy Eliot (I saw the movie and liked it. Plus, Elton John wrote the songs.)
  • Bye, Bye Birdie (Ok, the only reason to see this one is John Stamos)
  • South Pacific (Heard the revival was great. I like the talk-talky time song.)
  • Shrek (Don't really want to see it- but Sutton Foster!!)
  • In the Heights (Just won the Tony, I like things about Latinos.)
  • Mary Poppins (The movie was semi-creepy, but I heard the show is good.)
  • West Side Story (Probably the best musical of all time, but can I convince others???)
  • Hair (Yeah right, I just added that in for kicks. That show's crazy.)

Any advice??? I would really appreciate it, I'm not sure what to see. (If you're shy or a stalker, just post anonymously, that's what my mom does.) Please?? Please? Bueller? Bueller?


Emily's Endless Words said...

Being both a stalker and a Broadway aficionado, I feel entitled to comment on this post. :) Sarah, you HAVE to see In the Heights. I saw it over the summer, and I would see it again and again (and again). It is truly a life-changing play, and the music will be enjoyable to even the musical-haters among you (which I hope are very few). I can even set you up with the soundtrack beforehand, so that when Usnavi shouts "Lights up on Washington Heights," you'll be able to sing along. Seriously though, "In the Heights" is likely the best play I've ever seen; its messages are so true to home (seeing that it is about home). Have I convinced you already?

PS, I did see Hair, too, this summer, and it was a good revival, even if it is a wacky story.

Jeff said...

I'm pretty sure there aren't any haters in our group (or anything resembling such), and I don't know that anyone has seen Westside Story, so I think we should definitely do that. I've always wanted to take you there, since it's your favorite, and this would be a way of giving you that gift without me having to pay for it, which is less romantic, but more plausible and imminent.

The Kims said...

I think if you have a chance to see wicked and then don't, you'll kick yourself, just like I've been doing for the past...well how ever many years it has been since I went to San Francisco. Too bad TMM isn't a choice.

You might kick yourself if you don't see WEst side story too. Just sayin.

Rob and Vienna said...

You know I'd go with West Side Story. Oh...But...John STAMOS!!!
Now if John Stamos were in West Side Story, we'd have a winner.

The Weights said...

I agree with Jeff -- more because I can remember a lot more of the songs from that broadway show than any of the others you mentioned. By the by...did you know that I (and BEN also!!) acted in that play in high school? Woo woo! Ben was a surly JET gangsta which was pretty cool...yet they cast me as a SHARK, go figure... and I had to dye my hair black.

Gillian said...

I don't know anything about musicals but this post was adorable!

Marta said...

Not only is John Stamos in Bye Bye Birdie, but the actor who plays Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street plays the father! Here's a link to an interesting interview with him about it:
Whatever you see I'm sure will be great! I would say avoid Phantom. It is overrated.

Jen Ballif said...

I'd go for Wicked because I've heard great reviews about it, or South Pacific just 'cause it's a classic favorite of mine. Good luck deciding and have a great trip!

C. D Clawson said...

"In the Heights" is definitely your best bet. Emily said it all. It's a show that has it all.
"South Pacific and "West Side Story" are good classic alternatives, but you'll have more opportunities to see them in your life.

Rachel said...

As a member of this travelling Thanksgiving group, I would just like to reiterate my love for Phantom of the Opera. Except for the explosion at the beginning. I'm scared of that. In fact, when I saw it as I child, I spent the next hour and a half anticipating another one. Hmmm. Maybe we should go see South Pacific.

marleerocker said...

You're only racist if by "turkeys" you were referring to white people.

and coincidentally I was speed walking to class, (stressed and hurried) and caught myself singing "There's a place for us, somewhere a place for us..." When I came to, I felt like it was an absurdly inappropriate song to be singing considering both my circumstances, and having never actually seen West Side Story.

I'm supposed to be writing a paper, but your blog was a pleasant diversion. People from out WW2 in Europe class come into the blue bird all the time, and I try to fight the urge to pretend like I don't recognize them and just break the ice and say something...I'd say if things don't work out in NY you guys should come to the blue bird and the owners (who are chinese) can cook you a goose like in The Christmas Story.
just an option.

marleerocker said...


Karlie Ann Ady said...

Dear Sarah,
I don't know how everyone would enjoy it but I actually hear the new "Little Mermaid" musical is pretty fantastic. It's family friendly after all. However, if you are in for a darker plot about a woman who struggles with bi-polar depression give me a ring. My sister told me about it- it's what the cool kids are seeing :)

Karlie Ann Ady said...

Just looked up the title it's called "Next to Normal"- read the plot summary I know you'll get into it.

Fit - Healthy - Strong said...

WICKED! WICKED! Thats my vote. I saw in New York and no other place to watch it :) Or the Lion King ! Good luck! cute blog. Jael Thompson

Fit - Healthy - Strong said...

WICKED! WICKED! Thats my vote. I saw in New York and no other place to watch it :) Or the Lion King ! Good luck! cute blog. Jael Thompson