Monday, December 8, 2008

Where We Stand

I ran into an old friend over Thanksgiving and I realized she didn't know very much about what was going on in my life, she didn't even know where I lived. That really made me sad. I am honestly one of the worst people to keep in touch with- I'm flaky. BUT that doesn't mean I don't care, I really do. A flaky person is not necessarily an unfeeling one. I hypothesis that because I have such a hard time remembering to do traditional, mundane things (ie. wash my hair, take the garbage out, wake up) remembering to say call someone up completely escapes me. (Seriously, my mom will tell you all about it.) I think my only redeeming quality is that even if I'm bad at getting back to you, I'm probably thinking about you. Or facebook-stalking you.

So I thought, what if there are people like me out there? What if there people who'd like to know what I'm up to, but get distracted by the wart on their toes. (EW! I'd hate to be THAT guy... ) Anyway, I don't know if there are people like me out there, but I thought I'd give a thorough update on my life nonetheless. I will try to leave out details that stalkers could use against me.

My name is Sarah Carr. My husband is Jeff. We have been married 7 months. We live in Logan, UT. Jeff is graduating this May with an English (creative writing) honors degree with minors in Russian and History. Basically, Jeff is the bomb.

I am not graduating in May because I'm a child bride. I have about a year left. I am studying History with minors in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Basically, I am also the bomb.

After Jeff graduates, he plans to take a year off before graduate school and do an internship for a semester. New York and DC are the main possibilities. We will probably be gone in fall or summer. During our non-internship time, we will live in Logan whilst I finish my degree.

Grad school is not yet decided. Right now (and this is subject to change), Jeff wants to get an MA in Russian Studies. There are not a lot of schools with this option. (Good news, Mom! U of O is one of them) We don't know where we'll be for that just yet.

Jeff won't be finished with his MA. (Yep, he's one of THEM.) His next intention is to get his PH. D in Literature. Again, too far off in the future to speculate.

As for me, who knows? I'll finish my degree before Grad school, but I'm not sure of the next step. I think I'll get my teacher's certification while Jeff is working on his MA. I've always loved the idea of teaching, I really think I could do it.

And now, the elephant in the room. Babies. This is the main question I get. We are not having a baby for some time. Almost all of our friends are starting their families, but it's just not the right time for us. I am still grossly incompetent as a wife and Jeff has about 10 years left of school. If we had a baby right now, it would literally have to sleep in the bathtub. That's just sad.

I hope I have resolved some confusion; maybe I'm just being narcissistic again. I just realized that my blog set up for the purpose of updating people on our lives is really vague on that point. That's just sad.


PS. Last week nearly was the death of us. We're talking days of writing papers. This week has already been a lot easier.


Brent and Shanna Farley said...

Hang in there girl! You'll make it through finals with flying colors! I agree, you are the bomb! Thanks for being such a great friend!

Madeleine Lougee said...

So, I am basically in love with your blog :)

Hope finals are going well! I'm counting down the days until I'm home.

P.S. MY boyfriend is majoring in Russian Studies @ U of O...I don't really understand it, but it's awesome h

Gillian said...

So I am one of the two votes that does not know you, but is just plain blog stalking. But after this quote can we just be friends?

"I am not graduating in May because I'm a child bride." My husband Michael and I got married in July and I was supposed to graduate in May but I'm thinking of only going part time next semester and graduating in July instead. A whopping year after I planned. Oh well! I rather be married and with my husband. But I think I rather give your explanation than the whole long matter of it all.

PS You know Claire. I know Claire. Let's be friends.