Sunday, December 14, 2008

All Holiday Cheer Has Been Lost With Kamchatka.

Readers, I come to you with some sad news. I have just been beaten at Risk by my father-in-law. He gave me a solid pummeling. I knew there was something evil about him (He was black! Black = Orcs.), but I didn't see it coming like I should have.

Readers, please take this as a public service announcement. RISK BREAKS UP FAMILIES! There is too much emotional investment on that outdated map. If Jeff had been the one to finish me off, I would have totally considered divorcing him. I can barely stand to look at my evil father-in-law, as he slowly conquers Asia. Despicable. I am not a grudge-holder, I promise. But Risk has perverted my normal sensibilities. I will not forget what happened in Irkutsk. Long live yellow!! Long live Sarah!!


PS. I would like to update you all on my life, but I thought it would diminish my Risk-grief if I put it in the original post.

PPS. We went to the Carr family cabin this weekend. It's in Star Valley, about 3o miles from Jackson Hole.

PPPS. We did a lot of puzzles. Jeff and I went snowmobiling.

PPPPS. Basically, it was a blast.

PPPPPS. We're going to go Christmas shopping here in IF tomorrow, then we'll head to Sandy.

PPPPPPS. I love Sandy. 2 of my best friends, Karissa and Vienna, are getting married. (To men)

PPPPPPPS. I love Karissa and Vienna.

PPPPPPPPS. I hate Risk.

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AnneMarie said...

okay, this post cracks me up because I hear you on Risk. I detest that game and it made my marriage miserable for an evening. I think I even wrote about it on my blog as well...too funny...