Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turning Jeff into a Girl... One Movie at a Time.

I'm a good wife- I swear. I never make Jeff watch girly movies, because I know that he wouldn't enjoy himself, and that's no good. But the past few weeks, I have broken with the past. I realized that to understand me (and women in general) Jeff needs to have some exposure to girl movies. It's like The Education of Little Tree, except I've never read it and don't know what it's really about. The name makes me giggle.

The education of Little Jeff started with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I love the books (they're extremely well written, seriously) and I thought maybe Jeff would respond well to something that has a base in literature. So how did I get Jeff to agree to watch not only the first movie, but the second one as well? More astonishingly, how did I get Jeff to agree to watch them both in one night? I threatened to take him to Twilight if he didn't comply, and he thought watching 4 hours of female bonding was the lesser of two evils. Turns out, he loved them. Well, he loved the first one, thought the second one was ok. Spoken like a true girl, Jeff.

Despite our little deal, I still made him see Twilight. I'm not really an honorable person, and Jeff knows this. I'm not going to lie- he didn't love this one. BUT (and this is the real triumph) he did not hate it. I will not blog more on this, for I know millions of girls are dedicating millions of blogs to Twilight already. I don't think I have anything new to add that they won't cover.

I still felt that Jeff was missing something. He still had not been exposed to the core of girly movies. What could I show him that would sum up everything that we girls stand for? Then the answer came: Pride and Prejudice. Not the 2 hour one, no. It had to be the 5 hour masterpiece, aka every woman's delight. We began after Thanksgiving dinner with my mother and cousin Elizabeth joining the quest for Mr. Darcy. It truly was a ride. I have seen this movie about 20 times and it never gets old. Jeff liked it, I think. He didn't offer any criticisms, because he knows I might freak out if he did. We'll say he liked it.

The weekend wasn't completely devoid of male-oriented entertainment. Jeff caught a couple of Jazz games with my dad, took me to the new James Bond and joined James, John and I for the ultimate quest: completely beating Super Mario World on Super Nintendo in just two days. We finished this morning. (In reality, James played 90% of the time, due to his scary Mario skills.) I feel more like a 10 year old boy then I ever have, it's great.

Despite all the conflicting entertainment, this has been an awesome Thanksgiving. Mom outdid herself, turning the kitchen into her own little sweatshop. Everything tasted great and looked beautiful. Family time rocks. Today, Jeff's family is coming down and we're going to see the Jazz beat the Nets. It'll be good. Not "Darcy" good, but pretty darn good regardless.


Mandy said...

Didn't like Twilight all that much either - books are tons better!

Woo hoo! We have season tickets to the Jazz! We'll wave :) I love your blog.

Marni said...

Jeff wouldn't do Twilight with me, but he has been intrigued with Gilmore...

Jan (also known as Mom) said...

I liked Twilight! Well, Ok. The make-up and special effects were cheesy, but I thought the acting was good and the love story, pretty compelling.
Love your blog. Thanksgiving was pretty awesome. My favorite memory was John's "group"

C. D Clawson said...

If you need any help, Sarah, I have Gilmore Girls on DVD.