Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jeff and Sarah Versus Snowplow Equals XM Radio

I have started so many blogs over the past few weeks and just haven't been able to finish them. I hate that. I just don't know what direction I want to go with my musings. I don't have a functional camera, so I can't take cute pictures all that often like a good Mormon blogger. There's just so much more pressure when you have to just talk. Sometimes I want to give cute updates on our life, other times I want to offer my actual opinion on things. That's a hard balance to keep. Here's what I'll do today: I'll give my opinion on the cute updates I offer.

We had an awesome break. We attended a gazillion weddings, had Christmas with the Carrs and New Years with the Lougees. I don't mention this enough, but our families really are amazing. This was our first Christmas season together as a married couple, and both of our parents made a great effort to make us both feel like family. It boggles my mind that there are people who hate their in-laws. Being married has been an amazing diatribe to me on what it means to have a family (obviously). Both the Carrs and the Lougees are now my family, I love them both so much. (Don't worry, Mom, Jeff feels the same way.)

There's no question that 2008 was the best year of my life. I'm not sure how 2009 will stack up. Jeff will graduate this year- that will be a big, life-alterering thing. Other than that, I'm not sure what will come our way. I'm concocting a scheme to get to Mexico, that's about it.

This first week of classes have been the first change of 2009. I'm not going to lie, they're going to be tough. Jeff is taking Advanced Fiction and Non Fiction writing (obviously not in the same class, that would be a paradox) and the capstone to the Creative Writing major. I don't brag about my husband enough. He is so awesome. He's a fantastic writer, and one of the few published authors I have the privilege to be married to. He just got published again, by the university's alumni magazine. He downplays it because the article is about his uncles, but it has some mighty fine writing in it. Man, he's good. And the university sent him to Africa for it! I just have such a crush on the kid.

I have a hard, but less impressive load. I'm only taking one Latin America-based class this semester and its US and Latin American Relations. Shhhh, I don't want to seem anti-American, but the US really are the bad guy in that story. We're a lot better now. I'm also taking Modern Japan, and the US are really the good guy in that story. Wow, they love us enough to have KFC in Japan. That's impressive.

Mostly, I'm excited about my capstone History course. Basically, we just write a massive research paper. Here's the catch: we can only use primary documents (like diaries, pamphlets and newspapers from the time we're writing about). This will be really hard to find, especially because I want to research the failed Mexican feminist movements of the 1930's. (FYI- Mexico didn't give women the vote until 1953.) I am so excited to brush up on my Spanish and actually be a historian.

No homework for this weekend, because we're going out of town! But really, it's not anything to get excited about. While spending Christmas in Sun Valley, our car got hit by a snowplow. We weren't even parked illegally or anything! We were in a driveway! So our little Honda Civic has been in the shop for a couple of weeks (as paid for by the crazy plowers) and we're driving a rental Sonata around. Good news: it has XM radio. Bad news: it smells like stale cigarettes.

Anyway, tonight we drive back up to Sun Valley to get what is ours. It'll be fun though because: 1) We're bringing our friends, the Adys with us 2) Jeff's uncle, Greg is letting us stay in one of his amazing houses 3) We'll have XM radio on the drive up.

Hopefully we'll be back to Logan without anymore plow injuries!


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So you're not taking the Chinese History? Not complaining. Just curious. You have a pretty tough schedule regardless.
See you next week