Monday, December 5, 2011

Think Pink... or Yellow or Purple or Whatever.

On Friday we found out that we're having a girl! We had an emergency ultrasound because my doctor was concerned that I had a short cervix. Everything seems to be fine (my doctor's guess was waaaay off) and near the end of the ultrasound, we told the tech that we weren't opposed to finding out the sex if she wanted to tell us. Jeff pipped in, "That's the only reason I'm here!" which mildly offends me because it was an emergency ultrasound- c'mon, Jeff! Anyways, our tech was more than willing to tell us.

She paused the picture and just looked at us for a second. "That's the between-the-legs shot. What do you see going on?"  I thought because she was acting like it was obvious that it had to be a boy. I think I offered a vague comment that it looked like there was something there and she just looked at me like I was blind and was like: "No, there's nothing there. It's a girl." She went on to point out different reasons that made the baby's downtown area specifically female which I'm still not sure I saw (Jeff is), but she was so sure. I asked her how long she had been doing this (10 years) and how much of a percentage she'd give her certainty (80%). When we found out what Adam was, it was so glaringly obvious, but the tech would only give us 70% certainty that he was a boy, so I was happy at this higher percentage. She was obviously extremely competent and the picture was incredibly clear (it was at the radiology department, not on the run-of-the-mill OBGYN equipment) but I just couldn't believe it. I kept saying, "But it could still be a boy, right?" and she would give me that you're-nice-but-kind-of-dense look and be like, "No." As we left- she called out after us, "See you in two weeks! Hope your little girl doesn't grow a penis!"

The night before, Jeff and I had been talking about the new baby and we both admitted that because we wanted a girl, we both thought the baby would be a boy. That moment that we found out still feels like a great dream- we're really happy. I keep remembering and smiling. Again, this really might be our last child and I'm glad that we'll be able to experience both genders. Also, this isn't something that anyone wants to admit, but we were afraid that we'd constantly be comparing the baby to Adam if she were a boy.

But do you want to know the funny thing? As soon as we found out the she's a girl, I've suddenly forgotten why it is that I didn't want a boy. I LOVE having a boy. He is the cutest, sweetest, and naughtiest little thing ever- he's basically the best. 2 boys now seems like double-the-blessing. I'm also going to miss being able to refer to my whole family as "my boys." I really liked being the only girl in our little family, just like I liked being the only daughter growing up. When I announced that we were having a girl on Facebook, I got a lot of "little girls are the best." comments, and my knee-jerk reaction was: "Nope. ADAM'S the best and he's a boy, so it stands to reason..."

Funny story- a few days before we found out, I was talking to my friend's husband's grandmother (that's a mouth-full) in Relief Society and we were talking about gender. I told her that we were hoping for a girl because we might not have another child and she completely agreed with that sentiment. Then she kind of looked off into the distance and said, " Little boys are great too. They stay closer to their moms. But little girls... I can just hear their whining and screeching voices now."

But despite my renewed love of the male gender, I am just so happy that she's a girl. I'm not even sure what to do with a girl. (I can't do hair at all, I don't dress well and I bake like once every 5 years. These are things I need to teach her, right???) I can't even explain it. I keep thinking about having a girl and it makes me feel giddy. I'm guessing that's because even though I now realize that I'd be so very happy with another boy, we're meant to have a little girl. And she's meant to be awesome.


Gretchen Alice said...

Three things...
1. Eeee! I'm so happy for you!
2. LOVE the new blog design.
3. Having a boy and a girl is pretty great. My mom and dad get to call me their favorite daughter and my kid brother their favorite son. :)

Val said...

I know what you mean about being happy that you wont be comparing a new boy to Adam. I felt the same way when we found out that we were having a boy after the twins. They are going to be so close in age that I'm glad they are different genders.

And I have moments where I feel like a terrible "girl mom." My girls are dressed cute, but not girly. They've never had one of those huge flower bows (partly cause they would just tear them off each other), and I don't care about having everything be pink. They don't seem to mind though so I guess I'm doing okay. You'll do okay too.

Vienna said...

I know Adam is great and (obviously) you love him more than anything, but you will LOVE having a daughter, so don't even worry about it. Not that you don't know that, but you know what I mean? I know what you mean too though. I really want a boy someday but I sort of can't imagine having one because Nolie is absolute perfection to me. I think that's the magic of it all though, that our hearts just expand we won't be able to fathom that we were ever apprehensive about loving them as much. Or so I'm told regarding second, or third (and so on) babies.

And no worries about not doing hair. I'll make Baby Girl Carr some cute headbands :)

Audrey said...

Congrats on the girl verdict. It is kind of nice to get one of each with the first two because then even if you don't have any more kids you at least have one of each. (BTW after our ultrasound Noel said, "So one of each . . . that means we can be done now, right?" and some days I completely agree.)

James said...

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