Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lord Diaperton of Parliament.

That's what we call Adam when he wears a (clean!!) diaper upon his little head. (Please note my firm "stop wiggling" grip on his arms.) Jeff is working late tonight at a movie showing Stanford's putting on (we actually got to see said movie at Sundance a while back, which makes us seem cooler than we actually are) and then he gets to take the director out to dinner. What a life he leads! Dinner? A movie? Sounds to me like he's being paid to go on a date. Anyways, I thought I'd blog because I'm getting dangerously close to actually getting a paycheck from my little side ads. And because I am overall in favor of keeping people updated on us. I don't really have anything to say, so I guess I'll just post some pictures from Jeff's phone.

Adam thinks it's funny when I wear his hooded towels. Luckily, I do too.

This is me at 16 weeks pregnant with New Baby.

Adam really likes bubbles.

He also likes to climb on the coffee table.

He simply adores doing headstands.

And reading.

But mostly he likes to watch videos of himself.

He also likes me. (No Jeff in these pictures because he takes them all.)

He really likes hording pacifiers.

I guess I do have something to mention, but it's one of those things that I'm not sure is worth mentioning yet. I've started having some contractions and cramping, and though it hasn't been anything regular, I've been a little scared, which is why I mention it, I guess. I'm mostly just sad that I'm already entering THAT stage of my pregnancy. Well, we'll see. I'm going into my OB tomorrow to get a progesterone shot and she says she'll check my cervix (ew). Anyway, I thought I'd tack that little nugget on to the end of this blog of a cute baby. Have a great night and feel free to click on all my ads.


Karissa said...

Holy cow! Your bump came out of nowhere! That was totally not there two weeks ago! I mean, it was a little, but wow! It sure grew. I'm excited to see it in a couple more weeks.:) Keep me updated. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your previous blog told me more than I needed to know. I'm happy if this is a little girl this time. I know one father who spoiled his little girl rotten. He wants a chance to spoil a granddaughter.

I put the picture of Adam looking sideways at you on my computer home page. It is pretty cute.

As awesome as parenthood was, being a grandparent is even better. Not saying we need any more than two but Adam and sibling are wonderful,

Your friends are right. You are a wonderful writer. Where are your advertisements? I want you to start writing once your life settles down. I don't care if you finish college because I think you could sell your writing.

Your Dad

Karlie Ann Ady said...

So- let me begin by saying that I understand your pregnancies are very unique and so this probably doesn't relate...that being said:
I started having contractions with Ainsley at 22 weeks. Got sent to the hospital multiple times and given lots of shots etc. But the cervix length looked fine in an ultrasound (although it was getting soft even then.) And what happened? They stressed me out, cost me a fair amount in hopsital bills and tests, worsened my pre-partum depression with some bed rest and then she WOULDN'T come early. Finally broke the water and bang- 15 minutes later the show was over. I hope you're just (as they labeled me) "a contractor" and that everything goes smoothly. All our love. post script my last comment deserves a text back. I was impressed by it...