Monday, July 18, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth.

If you thought I was talking about Disneyland, you are so wrong. I'm a SeaWorld kind of girl. I will never stop reminding you all.

I'm talking about "The World's Nicest Taco Bell." 

I read about this place several months ago on MSN.  I clicked on the link just because I love Taco Bell, and it took me a little while to figure out that this Taco Bell was within my grasp. When I see cities in California, I just assume that it's too far from us. Luckily, this Taco Bell is in Pacifica, which is just below San Francisco. Success!

We had a free Saturday, so instead of doing something enriching, we did something awesome. We went to that fabulous Taco Bell. And it was fabulous.

It's on the beach, actually on the beach. There's a walk up window for people with sandy feet to order. Isn't that awesome? It's impeccably maintained and there are huge windows everywhere showcasing the fantastic location. And when we walked up to order, they gave Adam a balloon. I've been to Taco Bell a shocking amount of times (even more than you're imagining) and I've never seen balloons being given out. But I guess I've never been to the World's Best Taco Bell before.

Adam loved his balloon.

He's still such a photogenic guy.

He now has about seven teeth. They all came out in June, poor kid.

Don't judge it by its rustic exterior. It's the nicest fast food place ever. I want to live there.

 There's a gazilion other things I should blog about. Maybe I should mention how we get kicked out of our home in a month and don't have a place to live? Maybe I should mention how there haven't been a lot of job offers rolling in yet? Maybe I should mention how Adam bit my finger and it left a strange blood-freckle thing that maybe defies the laws of nature?

I shouldn't. We'll find a place to live and Jeff will find a job. In a few months, I'll barely remember what was bothering me this summer. (There's a chance I may still have the blood-freckle, but c'est la Sary vie.) But anyways, I will always want to remember the feeling of a Saturday driving on the coast with my boys, especially since Taco Bell was involved.


Jeff said...

It's nice to balance out our dozens of visits to the world's WORST Taco Bell. I'm looking at you, Logan, Utah.

Karissa said...

No way....that is SO cool!! Especially for you. I miss you and I've secretly been checking your blog compulsively to see if you've written anything. Really I should just call you. I have to ask you though, was the Baja Blast as good as the one in Sandy? Jayson hates the Baja Blast song by the way. Like HATES it. Pretty much everytime we pass a Taco Bell I sing it and he gets super annoyed. Kinda funny.

You should also probably mention that Adam can walk now. I've been waiting for pictures. Maybe a video too.

Vienna said...

Wow. Even I might eat at that Taco Bell.

James said...

Wow, it's food must be something like, 75% compatible with human digestion. said...

I know the feeling. Steve is on the search and sometimes its discouraging. I keep reminding myself, I love my job, We have good health,still leave in the cheapest apt. known to man(even if that mean having 5 fans going because there is no insulation, or air conditioning) what more can I want? Or at least, it will come but a little later than expected....... P.S. Were expecting our first little one in Jan.