Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girls in White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes

That was always my favorite line of the song. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are too vague for me, but I can just see a girl in a white dress with a blue sash- it's just so clear to me. Unfortunately, I googled the phrase, and I couldn't find a single picture like the white dress I picture. I guess that's what makes it a great image- you can interpret it many ways. I just wish everyone else's interpretation wasn't so wrong.

I'm in need of a good old Sound of Music philosophy lesson. Life has been a little up in the air for us. Jeff hasn't found a job yet and in 2 weeks, we will be homeless unless the Northern California housing market finally pulls through for us. I worry constantly about Adam, if he's gaining weight, if he's hitting his milestones. I worry about Jeff; he's been so stressed and scared.  I worry about packing. Mostly I don't want to do it.

People ask us: "What are you going to do?" Well, what can we do, really? We will find a place to live in California because Jeff still has an internship and a part-time job here. We will live on our savings. I will order less expensive menu items at Taco Bell. (Hee!) Sometimes things aren't ideal, but you just have to press forward without whining, because there is always someone who has it worse than you do. Luckily for all of you, I am that person. (Double hee!)

Basically, The Sound of Music is awesome. We all know that.  But Maria really did me a solid last week. I was pretty stressed and downtrodden about our future. I felt secure on a deeper level- I know that Heavenly Father will watch out for us. But on a superficial level, I needed some comfort. So I thought of my favorite things. And then I didn't feel so bad.

Here are some of my favorite things:
  • Stomping on mushrooms. (This has been videotaped, unfortunately.)
  • The smell of something just cleaned with bleach. (May all of my bleach-stained clothes rest in peace)
  • When Adam bites Jeff's nose. (I guess I should start intervening.)
  • Small children speaking foreign languages. (Especially French.)
  • Petting zoos and zoos in general. (When regular zoos have a petting zoo section, I'm over-the-moon.)
  • Miniseries. (The long P&P, Anne, Little Dorrit, Downton Abbey, among many glorious others.)
  • Napping. (When Adam does it, or when I do it. Either way, it's great.)
  • Wedding dresses. (Poor Adam has seen waaaay too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress.)
  • Gardens. (I like to see things grow from the ground. It still blows my mind that that's possible.)
  • When Jeff comes and waves at me while he's brushing his teeth. (He does it every night.)
  • Young adult novels. (I want to write one one day. And it will blow all ya'll's minds.)
  • The feeling of kissing Adam's cheeks. (Baby skin is so amazing.)
  • Anything with the Muppets. (This November will obviously be a good time.)
  • Singing and dancing in the car. (I'm always sad to see that most people I drive by aren't doing this.)
I guess I probably should stop here because Adam is waking up from his nap (see aforementioned favorite thing) and I have to return to reality, I guess. Could you do me a favor, blog stalkers?? Could you please comment and tell me some of your favorite things? It would make me really happy. I like knowing silly little things about people. It actually is one of my many unlisted favorite things.


Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

Well I totally have to include kissing baby's skin on my list 'cause I LOVE IT! I kiss Berick way too much! Some of my favorite things include:
-Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears
-Holding Pet Store Puppies (even though they look sad I feel like I brighten their day when I hold them)
-Buying outfits for Berick even though he doesn't need them
-Historical Fiction (not of the American variety)
-Forrest Gump
-The sayings on the inside of Dove Chocolate wrappers

Those are just a few...perhaps I'll write a post about my favorite things! Oh! One more!

-When Sarah Carr answers my texts and/or calls me :)

Karissa said...

You know what one of my favorite things is? YOU! Ok, so you're a person, not a thing, but still. Good luck with everything. Things will work out. And, we both know that time will reveal all....;). But really, I'm sorry this is such a stressful time for you. Not know what your future holds, even your very near future can be super stressful.

I'll try to think of some of my favorite things that you don't already know about:
-BBQ sauce. this is a recent, but great obession.
-the smell of B&BW Caribean Escape soap. Everytime I wash my hands, I'm a happy girl.
-Fountain Vanilla Coke. I cannot find this anywhere but Cafe Rio.
-paint. Love it.
-Nothing is better than a delicious dinner. Nothing.
-When Jayson thinks I'm funny

This is difficult since you pretty much know everything I love.

Claire said...

What a lovely, inspiring post. You have indeed compelled me to comment.
My favorite things are thus:
-The smell of asphalt after a summer thunderstorm
-Homemade baked beans
-Wearing my pajamas
-Writing cards to people and decorating the envelope that I know they will soon throw away
-Not going anywhere on Friday nights
-Indie Music
-Discovering a book I love and then finding out it's a series
-Work of Art and Chopped, the only two reality shows I will confess to watching
-lighting candles
-Ellen Degeneras
-my Church
-organic things

Sarah, come back to Virginia! It's been too long...

Alexa said...

In no particular order:

- This little freckle I have on the side of my left big toe.
- The smell of a baking mint field.
-Doritos and Diet Pepsi
-Pizza and Rootbeer
-Listening to Eric talk about his Ducks.
-Getting in my pjs/sweats before 7pm.
-When people comment on our blog. ahem.

And that's all for now...

Marta said...

Eating icecream outside.
Having freshly painted nails.
Going on twilight walks.
Holding hands.
Watching Arrested Development, esp. the Motherboy episode.
Looking up crazy Harry Potter party ideas online.
Double chocolate Magnum icecream bars (chocolate icecream, dipped in chocolate, dipped in chocolate syrup, dipped in belgian dark chocolate).

You caught me, I'm a total blog stalker. Be happy, Sarah!

Mandy said...

hehehe, you've inspired me to do a blog post of my own, man! I'm a religious blog stalker - your posts always crack me up!

Vienna said...

- Coke (sorry Rob)
- The feeling I get when I just finished making something.
- Really salty and delicious french fries
- Walking around the entire store of Target looking for nothing in particular
- Art museums
- Wearing a new shirt
- My favorite meal from Cafe Rio
- Watching episode after episode of tv shows that I love
- Sunday Night Sleepovers
- British people/music/movies/wizards
- Also naps

Sorry things are crazy. Just think about the time you'll be able to tell your kids (when you're super rich) all about when you were young and livin' on a prayer, Bon Jovi style.

KC Crouch said...

I always loved the line "brown paper packages tied up with strings"... and I hope that since you listed mini series that you've seen "North and South" (Not the one about the civil war) and "Wives and Daughters" both are so good. Good luck! I'm sure it will all work out!

Karlie Ann Ady said...

Couple dating when you've found "the one".

Moving in with the AD's until you find a place/job here is always an option to think about...

mcampbell said...

You are completely charming.

Favorite things:

chocolate chip cookies
sleeping in
dancing in the kitchen when no one is looking
this youtube video:

Hoping for the best for you all...

Amy Carr said...

-Sarah's book suggestions
-well dressed people
-spending an entire day reading
-good song lyrics

Val said...

-Laughing babies
-Brandon's days off
-Free Redbox Mondays

Sue said...

I love all of those mini-series, say yes to the dress (I spent about 2 hours watching it in our hotel room while celebrating our 3rd anniversary because we don't have cable), and young adult novels (why do I need to grow up and read adult novels? they're just dirty). said...

Having a masters and not finding a job is super stressful. I keep thinking... were not the only people in this boat. Still I can't wait till we are both off this boat and on to some solid land.

Ashley and Dallin said...

Hmmm . . . I'm a 'glass half empty' type of person because thats how things make sense to me, so, let me think. Some of my favorite things:
- blog stalking
- getting comments on my blog
- Thunderstorms!
- Harry Potter
- Young Adult fiction as well
- DOGS! Animals make me So happy, its almost ridiculous!
- Playing Sims 3, or L4D with my hubby.
- Taking walks at night after the neighborhood has gone to bed.
- Sno cones!
- When I actually go and do something with friends, because I just feel like I don't have friends anymore.
- seeing my husband laugh hysterically at something totally ridiculous and stupid.
- sexy muscle cars :)

Theres a few :)

Gwen said...

Wakeing in the middle of the night, and realizing I still have 2-3 hours to sleep.
Fridays - I work 4-10's
Grandkids - they are great.
Family History - finding families on census records and cemeteries, and doing their work.
Thunder and Lightning storms on a summer afternoon, when I'm inside and don't have anything planned.
24 - the TV show. I'm in the middle of Season 1.
Being a missionary mom. It's over now, but I consider it one of the greatest blessings in my life.
A kind word......
A clean house.........
Working at the property with my family.
Knowing my kids are doing good things.
Life is great !