Monday, November 2, 2009


These are the places we've lived.

Idaho Falls, ID

Fairbanks, AK

Salt Lake City, UT


And currently, Logan, UT.

We will live in one of these places next year.

Boston, MA

New York, NY

Washington DC

Palo Alto, CA

Bloomington, IN

Eugene, OR

It's grad school application time!

Who knows where life will take us?


Macee said...

That is very exciting! I love your pictures also, you'll have to keep it updated!

The Kims said...

They all look like pretty spectacular choices. I think we'll be paying you a visit in any one of them!

don't worry though, we'd try hard to pay you a visit even if you lived in North Dakota. Not that I have anything against North Dakota, it just sounds cold.

Trent and Mandy said...

That's very exciting to have the list narrowed down. We're starting to get anxious to know where we'll be as I'm sure you are too. Are Georgetown and Columbia your target schools in NY and DC? I'll keep my fingers crossed that you go to Harvard. Glad to hear that Jeff got a spouse pass. We'll have to meet up for a basketball game soon.

big MAK said...

How exciting! Well we are in DC so if you come there that would be great and we will be in Palo Alto, CA next year so would could see you there! Good luck!

Katie & Morgan Cox

Jen Ballif said...

That's exciting! I remember when we were applying- we had a big map set out with little tic-tacs marking the possible spots all over the U.S.