Monday, June 15, 2009


I am sitting on the steps outside my apartment. I have been locked out by my beloved. (NOTE TO JEFF: Never assume that I have my keys. I NEVER HAVE MY KEYS.) I stopped by the PR building after class to borrow Jeff's set, but he was in some meeting. So I'm locked out. (But as my revenge, I wrote a spooky "SARAH WAS HERE" kind of message on his computer.)

As I am sitting on my steps, I keep hearing an unfortunate thing. Someone keeps having mucus troubles and is continually dealing with "loogies." It really is pretty gross to hear. (I hope they have a tin can or something.) I've always been extra sensitive about this bodily function. As some of you know, my maiden name is "Lougee." You say it like "Loud" and "Gee" combined, but minus the D. But it could be easily mistaken for something akin to what my nasal neighbor is experiencing. So if my neighbor is reading this, I'd like to tell him (I think it's a him. No lady could be so incredibly disgusting) 1) Please stop being so gross. There are dozens of Lougees that have been made fun of because of their name-resemblance to your disgusting habit. Maybe if you were more discreet, people like me would have a had a better childhood. (That's 7 spittings in the last 10 minutes at present count) 2) I'm sorry I don't shut the blinds more.

Oh why do I never have my keys??

Oh no.

That was 8.


Trent and Mandy said...

That is pretty sick! Sorry to hear that. I have a random question... What is the apartment complex called that you live in? Is it still the one that is at the bottom of Old Main Hill? We are in the process of finding a new apartment for the fall and haven't found anything...

Ashley said...

haha gross!!

Marta said...

I'm with you on this one, it is horribly off putting. Many people perform it while waiting for public transit. Yuck.
My former coworker, who was sort of the main boss of the whole office, was also guilty of this, he would sit in his office and continuously make loud disgusting noises to loosen mucus. Occassionally he would also clip either his finger or toenails. I could never quite be sure. Needless to say the sounds from his office are one thing I don't miss about that job.

Shantel Elise said...

Dear Sarah,
I don't mean to bother a busy person like yourself. I am sure that you are off having a fabulous summer. But I am one of those people who loves your blog and follows it almost religiously without ever leaving a comment to let you know I was here (you should think about starting a cult). However, the long absence of a sarah-blog-post has me coming out in the open to say hello!
I hope you and Jeff are doing well!
(ps. I have gotten married and am now being sucked into the world of blogging. It is fascinating!)