Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bite the Bullet.

I don't know why I haven't been a good blogger lately. I think it's because of my sleepiness. I have been pretty tired after working my heavy workload of 13 hours a week. (In other news, I think I would make a great trophy wife) But I still love blogging, I've just been in a rut. Jeff, on the other hand, with his competing solo blog, has been blogging up a storm. What kind of husband has a solo blog?? Sounds like Jeff is sowing his blog oats. I've got my eye on you, kid.
I decided I had to just bite the bullet (I've always loved the image of biting a bullet) and write a post. A lot of things have been going on with us, and the public deserves to know the details of our personal lives! I shall list the new things in (aptly named) bullets.

  • Jeff got a job. All the promises of writing jobs he got from his Russian professor have not yet come to a fruition, and we were getting worried about cash. Jeff, being Jeff, refused to make me happy by applying at Chilis (apparently they have a pimping discount). Instead, he only applied for "academic" summer jobs. I thought it would come to nothing, but somehow he weaseled himself a job working for the university's PR department and Utah State Magazine. Basically, it is the best job ever. He gets paid twice what he earned tutoring and gets to write. He will be writing more articles for the magazine and also working on new ad campaigns for the university. Give it up for Jeff!
  • I got a job. I'm working for Rise, a company that works with disabled people. I primarily work with them in the community. I run errands with them, take them grocery shopping, and bowl. It's a really good time, except that I lose at bowling a lot. I publicly want to thank my friend Shanna for helping me get the job. (And I miss you.)
  • I got called to be 2nd counselor in my ward's Relief Society. (A note to readers who aren't LDS, the Relief Society is our Church's organization for women. It's actually the largest women's organization in the world. ) I've actually already served as the 1st counselor in my first student ward, so I was thrilled to serve again. I'm really humbled by this calling, I wouldn't say enrichment is my expertise. (Again for those who do not know, the Relief Society holds enrichment meetings and activities. This is what the 2nd counselor is in charge of. Enrichment is short for personal enrichment. These activities are geared towards making us better wives, mothers, citizens, and all around people. Enrichment sometimes is stereotyped as very craft-oriented. This is bad for me, I'm not very crafty.) Anyway, even though I'm going to have to learn a lot, I'm grateful for the chance. Also, I'm really thankful for a great enrichment committee and committee leader. They all have much better ideas than I.
  • We're not sure what our next step is. Jeff is taking the GRE in August and will apply for Grad school in the following months. We were planning on Jeff doing an internship with the Red Cross this fall, but we are starting to re-evaluate our plans. The internship is his if he wants it, but there are many possible opportunities for him here in Logan. Best case scenario is that he gets a Russian teaching job at the university, but it looks like there are other possibilities on the horizon. (To be explained at a later time.)
  • Jeff beat Super Mario World. Enough said.
  • I've gained a little belly weight and look pregnant (see below) but to the best of my knowledge, I am not with child. So quit asking. (Ok, nobody's asked, but I know you're thinking it!)

  • There might be the possibility that I am sensitive/paranoid about my body.
  • My sweet brother John turned 20. He was quite happy to receive some Nintendo games.

  • My best friend Suzanne turned 21. She's turning in her mission papers. Ah!

  • I got to hit a piƱata! Hooray!


Mandy said...

sarah, you crack me up. thank you for providing me some humor at work. You guys are so rad!

Brent and Shanna Farley said...

Sarah! I miss you more! I am so glad you like your job. It makes me laugh that you have some of my old shifts. I hear how fabulous you are doing! Keep it up! We so need to hang out! Are you guys headed down this way anytime soon?

Audrey said...

I think your blog is giving Jeff a run for his money. Always entertainingly written.

Jeff said...

Don't listen to Audrey. Your blog is the worst.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Forgive my insolence. I love your blog real deep. And any blogging success I may henceforth attain in this life I dedicate to you. Your blog may have come after mine, but it represents us well. Besides, it displays me quite positively, which is something I can get behind.

Lina Hardman said...

I have to agree that you have a great blog. Good luck with your new calling, I'm excited!

Jen Ballif said...

Congratulations on the job success (good summer jobs in a college town can be quite scarce) And happy birthday to John!

Ashley said...


Rachel said...

Birthdays, birthdays..even a mission.
But no graduations mentioned!
I have now decided, being the negative Nancy of our lovely little fam, that I am the least-loved person in your life. Second to snot-choking man in above blog.
Well, I still like you. And I still like your blogs.
I am in a blog rut too.
After writing about being afraid of getting axe-murdered in Montana, what else is there to really say?