Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh, Jeff- Part II.

I am in the computer lab, supposedly finishing up my junior year of college, but really just blog-stallking. Jeff, who finished everything at a timely rate is at this very moment interviewing with the Head of the Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Speech Communication. Jeff's former Russian professor is moving to the Journalism Department (her real specialty) and there will be no real Russian program next year. However, they will still offer advanced classes and it looks like a good possibility that Jeff will be teaching them. That would mean no internship this fall, but it really is a huge resume builder and the money is just so much more than we would have expected to be earning. What is this crazy world we live in? Jeff might be teaching college classes and I just saw a guy walk by wearing a protective Swine-flu mask.


PS. Carnival cancelled our cruise's stop in Mexico. Something about Babe.

Personally, I loved that movie.


Gillian said...

I also LOVE that movie.

Congrats to Jeff! I hope he gets to teach! God is GREAT!

Ashley said...

That's awesome! Congrats! So are you still going on the cruise, just not to Mexico? Or nothing, now?

The Kims said...

That's so awesome that he might be teaching! I'd love it if you guys stayed!! The fall might actually be our last semester in Logan! for this I have many mixed emotions.