Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Updates

Hey Readers,

I'm sorry, but I don't have time to make you laugh. I'm stressed to the max! I thought that I would give a quick update on some things in our lives, especially since my last post was such a downer.

ME: Feeling better. Still tired, still a little sore. Mostly I'm just sore in my brain. I've got a 20-page paper due tomorrow. How much do I have done? Not near that. Blarrg! Also, I got a job. I'll be working with disabled people, helping them when they're out in the community. (i.e. jobs, shopping)

JEFF: Still cute as ever. Graduates on Saturday. Hopefully I won't fall asleep.

BOTH OF US: Headed to Mexico! Cross your fingers we don't get Swine Flu!

TIM: My big brother Tim graduated from BYU on Thursday with a degree in Actuary Science. Maybe I should put a poll up to see if anyone knows what that is. I sure am confused sometimes. It deals with statistics and the like. Tim was offered several awesome jobs upon graduating and in August he'll be going to Hartford, CT to work for a health insurance company. I'm not completely sure what he'll be doing, but I think it has something to do with predicting when people are going to die. Congrats. Tim! I am so proud to have such a smart brother! We used to fight over who was smarter, but Tim really wins, hands down. Love you!

GRANDPA CARR: Jeff's Grandpa passed away on Friday. He was 91. He was a prominent surgeon in Idaho Falls (if you look around, there are a bunch of things named for him) and was honored in the front page of the local newspaper. He was an accomplished man, to be sure, but he was also the funniest man I've ever met. This exchange is one of my favorites.

Jeff's Aunt Jan, talking about a gift her husband gave her: "Mike bought me a new exercise machine last week."

Grandpa Carr, turning to Uncle Mike with wide, serious eyes: "Why would you ever want to strengthen your greatest foe?!?"

We'll miss you!!


Lina Hardman said...

Have fun and be safe in Mexico! We actually do know what actuary science is... Nathaniel is hoping to become and actuary. What type of degree did your brother get?

Ashley said...

Thanks for the Update! :) I'm glad you are feeling better and good luck with that long paper! eek! Have fun in Mexico!!!

Claire said...

graduation ceremonies are pretty boring. I'm foreseeing many of those in my future as well. Likelihood of me falling asleep? Very high. ;)

Oh yeah, have fun in Mexico!

PS: would you like to receive mail whilst I'm in England? I need your address! (Please) :)

AnneMarie said...

So sorry about Jeff's grandpa. My grandpa is on his way out and I am so sad about it. I was carrying on a great conversation with him when I just burst into tears just thinking about it.

I did not know what actuary science is.

Congrats, Jeff!