Friday, March 13, 2009

The Most Disgusting Thing. Ever.

Today, I saw something that horrified me to the core. And yes, I'm sharing my pain. That's selfish, but I do it because 1. It was that gross and I gotta tell someone. 2. It changed my outlook on life.

I was folding clothes in the bedroom when I heard a gunshot. Yep, a gunshot. I ran out to see if everything was ok and Jeff yelled, "Did you see that?" He then told me that a deer had been standing right by our window. I thought it was weird that THAT was what he was riled up about, what with shots ringing out. Readers, we do not live anywhere near where a deer should be. We live at the bottom of Old Main, in the basement of an apartment building. Even if you're intent on stalking me, you won't be able to find us because there are hundreds of students living below Old Main. It's a very densely populated area- there is about 10 feet between our doorstep and the next apartment building. Point is- it's weird that a deer would be there.

We looked out the window to see if there was any sign of the fellow, but all we could see, ominously enough, was blood splatters in the snow. Then a cop came around the corner, with the weirdest look on his face. I opened the door and asked him if everything was alright. "Everything's fine," he said, "We're just trying to take care of this guy here. It looks like he was hit by a car or something." With that he pointed. What I saw terrified the heck out of me.

A deer was standing there, several feet from our doorstep. Its insides were hanging out. It was the goriest thing I have ever seen. It was really upsetting. As we stood there, not knowing what to say, an animal control officer made us go inside telling Jeff, "Close your blinds. You don't want to see this. You don't want your wife to see this." I'm so glad we did. We went inside and just cringed as we heard 3 more shots. It was awful. It was just like Bambi.

How did this change me? This is where the story gets typical-Sarah. You see, I've always hated deer. I'm quite scared of them. In fact, I have a theory that deer are out to kill the human race, with their kamikaze attacks on speeding vehicles. I've seen hundreds of dead deer by the road and thought of their evilness. I've almost hit deer countless times. (This is pretty common in Northern Utah and Idaho.) I had no sympathy for them.

Seeing that deer in a place far from its natural home, dying gruesomely, made me feel awful for it. That really is something. It also made me just really sad that the world we live in is so violent, which really doesn't make sense, but is true. I don't ever want to begrudge anyone a hobby or pastime, but I'm just baffled that people choose to go hunting. I would be so upset to see something bleed needlessly. I'm not turning into a vegetarian or even an animal rights activist, but I definitely understand their points more than I ever did before. I never want to see anything like that again.


AnneMarie said...

Sad. I don't understand hunters either, even though I married one.
I'm glad it wasn't a bad guy with the gun though!

Anonymous said...

Pretty strange. Glad you've changed your mind about deer. I don't think they're out to get us (unless they're "The Farside" deer.)

Mom (who doesn't know how to blog)

The Kims said...

I have also seen deer insides before, but never while they were still living. With hunting though, typically their guts don't go spilling out like that. That was probably the car that did that. Plus, if people didn't hunt deer, a lot of them would starve during the winter because there's not enough food, which is probably why the deer was down by Old Main in the first place. I also saw a dead dear this past week, but he had been dead for much longer the one you tellabout. The one I saw was mostly just skeleton. I think hunting is innate in some men, for survival, as they needed it to be in the olden days.

The Kims said...

p.s. However, that is super incredibly gross. I'm sorry you had to see it. bleh!