Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Since My Last Blog...

  1. I got my computer back from the shop. This has only augmented my desire to do worthless things, like looking up celebrities' dogs.
  2. Jeff entered the university's big creative writing contest, among others. I gave him some last minute ideas, so I am giving myself large amounts of credit for his good work.
  3. We went on a temple date with Jayson and Karissa.
  4. Jeff's hair has gotten pretty long. I secretly believe it has made him more laid back, like a hippy.
  5. We went to Idaho Falls to see the Carrs. I helped Amy find a dress for a dance. It made me miss High School for the first time ever.
  6. My Mom came up to Logan to see me. She took me out to eat at Angie's.
  7. She also came to visit my Aunt Jill, who is visiting from China.
  8. Jill's daughter, Christina just had a baby girl!
  9. It surprisingly did not make me have a baby-crazy episode...
  10. ... But I haven't seen the baby yet. There's still time.
  11. I got addicted to this TV series that's On Demand.
  12. It's about the secret lives women lead.
  13. It's really trashy. This one girl was engaged to her cousin! Ah!
  14. We went to the Jazz-Lakers game, my Christmas present to Jeff.
  15. The Lakers are extremely good this year, so I literally prayed that the Jazz would win so Jeff would enjoy his present.
  16. It worked.
  17. I bought Jeff a Jazz shirt as his Valentine's Day present. It's not the most traditional V-day gift, but that's how we roll.
  18. I woke up one morning to find that part of my nose was swollen.
  19. This is because of an auto-immune disease that I supposedly have. It means my body attacks my cartilage. Last spring, I got ulcers on my ears.
  20. My doctor is baffled by me. This only disease strikes 1 in every million people.
  21. Because it's so rare, it has to be clinically diagnosed. That means my body has to do this 3 times before it's official. That's 2 out of 3, folks. Maybe. He's not sure.
  22. This episode made me really blue. So much for kicking the black dog.
  23. Cheered up by going to Sun Valley for the long weekend.
  24. We stayed in Jeff's parents' condo. In the master bedroom. Oh yeah.
  25. There's a jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom.
  26. The Sun Valley trip is a thing Jeff and his buddies do every year. Basically, they giggle all weekend, but they're manly giggles. Perhaps guffaws?
  27. We spent Valentine's Day with 1o other people, so there wasn't a lot of Jeff and Sarah alone time.
  28. But Jeff still was a sweetie.
  29. He kept leaving roses around for me to find.
  30. I love roses, they are my favorite flower. I think people are just fooling themselves when they say they like other flowers more.
  31. Jeff also got me a fondue maker for Valentine's Day. Delicious!
  32. Finally, Jeff bought me a big bag of a candy labeled "kiddie mix." I feel like this says something about me.
  33. Did I mention there was a jacuzzi in the master bedroom????
  34. On the way home, we stopped at Jack in the Box. Jeff jumped for joy. Literally.
  35. We also stopped at Shoshone (Twin) Falls. They're beautiful, but kind of poorly advertised.
  36. There wasn't even a sign off the freeway. It was weird.
  37. It is because of this that I decided I like Idaho Falls more. Because people actually can find those ones. Even though they're fake, they're cool. They're right downtown.
  38. Idaho Falls
  39. Shoshone Falls
  40. Jeff scoffed at my idea to write 50 things that have happened in less than two weeks.
  41. I'm running out of ideas.
  42. I did however, find out that the wart on my toe is growing back. This shames me.
  43. Despite my shame, I'm still blogging about it.
  44. Can I write about things I'm about to do? Because they probably will be done by the time you read this. Whatever. I make the rules around here.
  45. Jeff and I will be watching a movie as soon as I finish this.
  46. I'm hoping for "Enchanted".
  47. Scratch that. Jeff thinks Gisele is hot whilst animated.
  48. This makes me strangely jealous.
  49. He's right though.
  50. I'm going to eat some of my kiddie candy.


Sarah Carr said...

I just thought I'd, uh comment. Why? No comment.

Jeff said...

I hereby comment on your recent posting. My comment is this: that doesn't seem like 50 different things. But you never said it would be, did you? Oh. Well, either way.

Claire said...

Hey I have an autoimmune disease too except it's not as fun as yours...alopecia areata (you can wikipedia it if you care) and it's not as rare. Dolly Parton even has it!
Love the format for your compilation of random facts. The digestible numbered tidbits made it a very fast read. Kudos!

Sarah Carr said...

Claire, isn't that where you lose your hair?

Ashley said...

haha this was great! I'm surprised you were able to come up with so many things too! Sounds like you had a great time though! :) You're funny.

AnneMarie said...

I love your blog so much, I want more posts, more! I strangely have a desire to live in IF, I love that place.

Tiffany said...

I love your blog!! Please keep blogging!! Glad you are doing well.