Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fulfilling church callings? Not so much. Blogging about Homecoming? Check.

Dearie me, I am supposed to be working on my lesson for Relief Society tomorrow. Alas, I'm not. (Well, I have the talk I'm supposed to teach opened up on the computer, but somehow I ended up blogging.) This post is dedicated to my mom, because I know she'll enjoy it more than anyone else. (If anyone reads this.)
Yesterday was Homecoming here at USU. We lost the game, sadly enough. But the dance was way fun! Jeff and his buddy Zach doubled up and took their missuses (is that a word? nope) out to a pumpkin walk, dinner, and the dance. The pumpkin walk is yet another tradition that Cache Valley has that I've never even heard of, but it was fantastic. Basically, people make scenes out of pumpkins. Some of them are really fantastic, like the Andy Griffith Show display, or the VeggieTales one. (We were really impressed by how perfectly pumpkins were made to look like other vegetables. Seems like that'd be hard.) What was especially funny to me was how many of the scenes had nothing to do with the theme (superheroes). Andy Griffith??? Noah's Ark??? Jacque Cousteau??? Cache Valley is a weird place.

We went out to eat at Hamilton's, the nicest place in town. This was surely Jeff's doing, because Hamilton's is kind of a family joke. Whenever we get any money at all, I try to convince Jeff to take me there. This does not always go over well. So it really was a sweet gesture that he actually DID.

The dance itself was fun. There was a live swing band, which makes me feel a lot richer. I liked that. Jeff is a pretty darn good dancer, too. I've got a long way to go, (Confession: I've always thought I dance like Elaine from Seinfield.) but there really is something about going out on formal dates. It's like you get to show your date the best possible you: clean, curled, polite. It was a strange sensation to go on a formal date with someone I know as well as Jeff. I almost felt shy.

All in all, a lovely evening.

Some pictures for Mom.
That's all for me. We have to watch The Full Monty for Jeff's class tonight. So I'll be putting off lesson planning for naked Brits. Great.
PS. I changed my name to Carr! I didn't even know what I was missing. I'm so glad my children won't have to grow up being compared to Luigi or mucus. Tim's kids are going to be such suckers!
PPS. Jeff is still reading about a thousand pages a day. Hopefully all this beautiful literature will make him stop watching Family Guy.


Marni said...

Pretty little Louge-Carr! I love you!

1000 pages a day? That is pretty impressive Jeff.


P.S. My Jeff is surprised your Jeff likes Family Guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, princess!

You look beautiful! I loved how your neighbor did your hair. I hope you did eventually get your lesson ready. Sorry Jeff's feeling sick. Hope he's feeling better soon.


mommy of 1 said...

Hey Sarah!! Wanted to say HI love your photos!! YAY!!
Now I have your blog address I will add it to my blogs I read :D