Sunday, October 19, 2008

4th photo and update.

I got tagged to pick the fourth photo from my fourth photo file and talk about it. This is Vienna and I at Bear Lake, circa August 2007. Vienna looks awesome, I'm grimacing. The trip was taken to relax and have a sneaky excuse to see Jeff. This was during the summer when we didn't date consistently, and I wanted an reason to see him. He drove out to Bear Lake to join us, but there was a terrible windstorm, so we all went back to his apartment and made mocktails and watched a bad Val Kilmer movie. It was a great trip, with some fantastic photos. Ah, what a summer!

I tag nobody. I'm lame, plus I don't think anyone reads this.

Jeffrey has been reading all day, except for a brief church interlude. This is because we had a fantastic weekend and he didn't read a drip. This fall break was one of my best ever.

On Friday, my mom and John came up to Logan. This was not really to see me. If you are unaware, Logan has a fantastic video store, Fun Unlimited. If you are even more unaware, John is an Autistic savant obsessed with obscure movies. This week he just HAD to have "Cartoon All-Stars: To the Rescue," an anti-drug movie set forth by the first Bush administration. It has every cartoon character ever, even Disney ones. Basically, young Michael has succumbed to drugs, and his sister and her cartoon friends have to save him! It is a gem. We're talking Muppet Babies mixed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mixed with Alf. Fantastic. Anyway, the guy at Fun Unlimited swore they didn't have it in the computer, but John would not be deterred. He searched through hundreds of movies (this place is a movie hole) until he finally found it! I was so proud of the kid! He kept yelling "Drugs are BAD!" for the rest of the day.

Saturday, we got to go to the temple. This was my first time going to the Logan temple, and I'm just always struck by how every temple has a different flavor to it. You can tell the Logan temple is old, but it really is beautiful. I think I will always love the DC temple the most, though. It is the most beautiful thing I think I've seen in my life. I really miss Virginia some days.

After the temple, Jeff let me make the best economic decision of the week: McDonald's Monopoly. Holy cow, I'd be the biggest gambler in the world if I was not Mormon. I am just a born sucker. My meal cost like five bucks. The only thing I won was a coupon for medium fries; that's about a buck. This surely is not a wise basket to put my eggs in. But I'm still egging it up good!

Later that night, we drove down to Salt Lake and went to a haunted house. I'm not going to lie- it wasn't worth the 20 bucks. (And this is from the girl who thinks McDonald's Monopoly is fiscal gold) We got to spend some good quality time together and with Jeff's buddies, and I think that made it worth it. I sometimes forget how many amazing people we know. It's strange, how I think that people I don't know very well are only mediocre, but the people I actually spend time with are beautiful specimens from heaven. There's gotta be a lesson here, but I'm pretty darn sleepy and resistant to learning.

I think this sleepiness has made my blogging extra nostalgic. But I gotta say; life is good for us right now. We don't have a lot of money, but we don't really need it. One of us is doing pretty well in school, and one of us is raking in the amazing grades as usual. (Take a guess who, you moron) The ward is nice, and we have a couple crush (meaning we, as couples, are in love with each other) on our next door neighbors. We both get to see our friends at least every day. Our families are amazing. It's not too cold yet. Jeff asked me to Homecoming (He left a note on the wall I sleep by, asking me and telling me to turn roll over to see who was asking. Over his head, he had a card pointing to him.) Best of all, it's Monopoly time at McDonald's. Oh yeah.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

I read your blog! John was so cute when I took him back Saturday. He was very quiet for a moment and then said "Thank you for cartoon all-stars." That meant "thanks for the trip to Logan and the fun day."


p.s. You better knock of the Mcdonalds monopoly. Your great-grandfather Correll was a compulsive gambler. It runs in the genes.

Rob & Vienna said...

Sarah dahling, I also read your blog; because I know you are one of the few who reads mine. Good photo, great times.

Ariel said...

Hey Sarah, this is Ariel good ol' facebook led me here haha. I love ya! You are so funny and witty. I miss all you girls in Logan. Good to hear you are doing well!

chetandbobisue said...

Sarah, I found your blog-yay! How are you guys? I wish we still lived close (even though we still didn't see each other much). Hope you guys are doing good.

Gretchen said...

Hola Sarah! I found your blog via facebook as well and holy cow you're funny. Also, haunted houses? Over-freaking-rated.