Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blogs are confusing.

I'm trying to add some pictures, but I really just don't get blogs. This makes me incredibly stupid, seeing as even farm animals have their own blog. I'll give a quick update of us, though as of now, two people in the world know about this blog. Jeff is getting his hair cut as we speak. I actually got my hair bobbed about two weeks ago, so short hair is all in the family.

My mom is driving up to go with me to the Relief Society conference party my ward is having. That will be really fun. Ever since getting back from Virginia, we just want to see our family all the time. (I'm sure our family might be surprised to hear this, because it's a secret, I guess.) We're planning on going down to Sandy next weekend and to IF the following one. In our old single life, we wouldn't dream of missing all that party time in Logan, but marriage has made us old.

I'm still looking for a job. I have a good feeling about this hotel receptionist job, but nothing has happened yet. Jeff is still working at the writing center and being an RA. Campus jobs are never great money, but I'm so proud that he gets work in his field.

Obviously, being half unemployed, we've been a little strapped for cash. I made a joke to my Relief Society Presidency that I've been living on rice, and it went too far. They think we're starving. We've had food donated to us several times and our Bishop keeps trying to help us out. We are so lucky to have such a loving ward, but we feel awful. We're poor, but so is every young married couple. We're going to have to start wearing fur coats to church to dispell this myth.

Reading has been big with us lately. I finished "Ender's Game" and am working on "Reading Lolita in Tehran." Jeff reads all the time,currently he's working on: "Crime and Punishment"; "Don Quixote"; "Fathers and Sons" and the fourth Harry Potter. It all sounds impressive, but 3 out of the 4 are for school. Guess which one isn't in the required reading? Loser.

Logan is great. It hasn't got cold yet and we're having a good time being back in our comfort zone. Our apartment is tiny, but we've really gotten into decorating it. We even have a Ficus tree. That, my friend, is domestic bliss.

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