Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bandwagon, here we come!

Every young LDS couple seems to have a blog these days, and well, we Carrs have decided to join the ride! You should know us if you're reading this, but just in case, we'll fill you in:

-Born May 9th, 1985
-A staunch Idahoan
-Served his mission in Novosibirsk, Russia
-Makes a mean borscht
-A trivia mastermind
-Enjoys tennis, basketball, and curling. Yes, curling.
-A creative writing major at USU
-Walks on his toes
-Wants to own a monocle someday
-Can watch tennis for hours
-Has a clicky jaw

-Born March 9th, 1988
-Staunchly nothing, but harbors love for Alaska, Oregon and Utah
-Studied abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico
-Makes a wide variety of rice-based dishes
-A trivia mastermind
-Enjoys flowers, make-up, and candy. Yes, candy.
-A history major at USU
-Has exceptionally long toes
-Wants to own a West Highland White Terrier someday
-Can play Civilization for hours
-Has no known flaws, physical or otherwise


Jeff and Marni Paystrup said...

No flaws eh?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Jeff, I also have a clicky jaw.

and..Sarah, when did you change your major? I was never informed of this.