Sunday, March 13, 2011

Best Day.

On March 9th, I had the best day. Ok, it was my birthday, which is the only reason I'm blogging about it. I'm not fond of blogs where the sole purpose is to point out how great the blogger's life is. If my life is so great, tell me, why can't I figure out a way to keep Adam away from the lamp in the corner? But my birthday was the best one I've ever had, so I'd like to tell you about it.

9:00 AM Wake up. Waaaaaiiit. Why is it so late? Oh yeah, Jeff got up with Adam. Boo-yah. (Hey, for all of you singles and couples without children: kids like to get up early. Every day.)

10:00 AM Went to work. Did I tell you all I had a job? It's great. I work 6 hours a week for the Stanford CS department, tutoring their visiting scholars in English. Anyway, I went to work and Sam (his Americanized name) gave me a bag of Korean cookies for my birthday.

11:00 AM Henry, the other man I tutor, comes in and gives me a bag containing a stuffed animal lion that dances to a song that I've never ever heard of. I love it.

12:00 PM I come home to a sign on the door that says "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" Jeff goes off to get me Taco Bell.

1:00 PM Jeff and I eat our Taco Bell while watching SNL on Netflix. We've been watching a lot of SNL lately. I mean, it's hit and miss, but there's many a gem. Adam naps.

2:00 PM Jeff goes to his one class of the day, he's taken the day off from studying, which is a major sacrifice for him, but makes me very happy. I check the news and such, like I like to do.

3:00 PM Adam wakes up, we go and play outside. He swings and gets compliments from the other moms in the courtyard about what a happy baby he is. He's really pretty normal- he just likes to swing.

4:00 PM We go over to a friend in the ward's house (Mary) to practice singing. I'm doing a choir/musical program thing for the Relief Society Birthday party. Adam plays in an Exersaucer. He likes it. Jeff comes home.

5:00 PM We go to Safeway to pick up the cake Jeff secretly ordered. When he had previously asked me what I wanted, I was very vague about strawberries and possibly a white cake. He ordered the most delicious cake known to man and let me get these cool candles with colored flames!

6:00 PM We go home and have cake and presents. Adam's a little cranky, but not terribly so. Jeff got me many a wonderful present, but I don't want to brag too much. Let's just say that I'll be reading about Charlie Sheen in my new high heeled shoes while admiring my new vase. Or something.

7:00 PM Adam goes to bed and the aforementioned Mary comes over to house/baby sit while Jeff and I go out on a (gasp!) date. He is taking me to Benihana, which you avid readers may remember was my fondest Valentine's Day wish that was smashed to sick smithereens. It is in Cupertino,  home of the headquarters of Apple and home to my pupil Henry. Henry tells me that Cupertino is also 80% Asian, which I think is really interesting, because it's not a small town. I'd like to live in Cupertino, because it's supposed to be really nice, but mostly because it has a Benihana and I love to say "Cupertino."

8:00 PM We arrive and are seated at our group table. Our chef, Mario (who is not very Asian despite it being a Japanese restaurant and despite Henry telling me that basically everyone in Cupertino is Asian. I believed him because he lives in Cupertino and is Asian.) begins to do tricks. I ooh and ahh and clap at everything before I realize that I am the only one at the table who hasn't been there before and my delight makes me stand out. Nobody else is really paying attention as Mario cuts of some shrimp tails and flips them all into his hat! It was amazing! His hat was really tall! Benihana is simply delightful and it was seriously one of the best meals I've ever had.

9:00 PM We leave Benihana and drive home, enjoying being out after 7:00 and talking about the time my brother James made my family go to a Japanese restaurant that was really bad and my brother Tim decided to steal one of the fancy spoons they have there because the food was so bad and my mom was so upset that she made him take it back. I've told Jeff this story a gazillion times, but he's still nice and listens and laughs, because it is hilarious.

10:00 PM Back at home. We thank Mary and watch another SNL. Netflix is either a really good technological advance or a really bad one. We lean to the former.

11:00 PM I take a bath and read about Charlie Sheen in my People magazine. Apparently he's gone crazy.

12:00 AM I purposefully stay up to see the end of this great day, and fall asleep while talking to Jeff about something that I hope wasn't important. Best day ever.

The sign my boys made.
Most delicious cake ever.
Most delicious baby ever.
Going on a date!
At Benihana. This is better than the one that the waiter took and printed out to commemorate my birthday. Jeff was chewing in that one. Mostly he looks smug.

Really, it was the best day. I didn't even know candles could have colored flames!

Love you, Jeff.


Dreamer Desperate for Sleep said...

I love this. And I love you. Can't wait ot see you!

Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

I'm glad you had such a grand birthday! You deserved it after last year! I believe you were on bedrest at this time! We miss you guys and we're glad to see you're doing well!

Shantel said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad it was such a good one.

James said...

I bet Adam wanted all of those
presents too.

Karissa said...

yay! I'm glad you had a lovely birthday! I wish the birthday treats I sent you didn't get lost in the mail.

Karlie Ann Ady said...

Hooray! Happy belated birthday :)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great day.

mcampbell said...

I've had lots of fun reading about your fam...You're funny. (I have also long smiled about the church of self realization.) Thanks for letting me in on the blog! We want to have you guys over sometime--we'll make it happen soon.