Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Family Fun- FAIL.

I keep hearing about a local movie theater that has a "diaper day" where mothers can bring their babies and small children and see a matinee. I was really excited to take Adam to a movie and just be out and about.  I looked up the dates and times in giddy anticipation.


The movies that were showing for the next two weeks were Black Swan and Blue Valentine. I haven't seen either film, but I know a lot about both of them because I'm Sarah and I'm constantly reading Entertainment Weekly.

Black Swan is a psychological thriller about a ballerina who is losing her mind. It features disturbing hallucinations and (both hetero and homo) sexual content. Blue Valentine is a drama about a crumbling marriage. It was originally rated NC-17, but dropped down to an R after an appeal. It features very graphic sexual content and language.

I'm not a prude. Really, I'm not. And I don't consider myself easily offended. I know that these movies are critically acclaimed and feature some excellent performances. I'd never see either of them, but not because of their rating. I don't usually like movies that are obviously going to depress/scare the heck out of me and end on a low note. I'm not a prude, but I'm a bit of a soul-prude. But anyways, I respect an adult's decision to see whatever they want. 

But why are these movies being shown at "Diaper Days??"

Don't tell me my baby doesn't understand what's going on. He can tell when things are scary or sad. He's a smart kid- he can probably even tell when a prima ballerina is losing her mind. OK, maybe most of the content will fly over his over-sized noggin, but it's a matter of principle. And it's not just that they're showing R-rated movies- it's that they're showing the most disturbing R-rated movies out there right now with no other more "family-friendly" options for this "family-friendly" event. It really makes me mad.

Hey, Northern California. It's kind of selfish to show your small children disturbing content just because you wanted to see a movie. I'm just saying.

Call me a conservative watchdog if you want. Fine. (Also, you're dumb and obviously don't know me. Also, sorry I called you dumb. I admit that I don't know you either.) I just thought that it was a weird choice of movies and yeah, it bothered me.

Mostly, I wanted to have some movie theater popcorn and take a cute picture of Adam sitting in a movie theater chair.



Fred and Sara said...

Wow - R rated movies at a family movie deal? That's ridiculous!

Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

Keep checking back! I like the idea of seeing Sir Adam in a movie chair pretending to eat movie treats! Hopefully Northern California will get it together so you can give it another go!

Natalie said...

I can't believe they were showing those movies!! Wow. This world....

James said...

To be honest; We disturbed loners don't really want to listen to
your children while we're watching
Black Swan.

Jeff said...

Let's go to a movie (without the boy).