Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Of Those Days When You Realize "Twilight" Is Making You A Horrible Person.

I liked Twilight. Hey, I'll admit it. The first time I read the first book, I wasn't sure if I did, but it grew on me. REEEEEAAALLY grew on me. Now, 3 years later, I find myself constantly thinking about it. I check websites, reread the books when I'm feeling moody, and peruse magazines with the stars of the movie on their cover. The sad thing is, the whole time I am doing this, I'm telling myself that I don't like it that much, that I'm in control. I mean, I have other interests, and I don't have any Twilight-centric clothing or products. You'd think that the following episode would have been avoidable, but it wasn't, because yesterday was one of those days when I realized that Twilight is making me a horrible person.

I work with people with physical and developmental disabilities. On Mondays, I work with a developmentally disabled woman, we'll call "Betty." Every Monday, Betty and I go grocery shopping and then to our office to play Uno, which Betty calls "No-No Cards," which is pretty darn cute. Usually while we do this, we watch a movie, which we never end up really watching due to the No-No Cards whipping am I receiving.

Yesterday, when we got to the office, another staff member and her client were already putting in a movie in the same room we play our cards. Turns out, it was Twilight. "Be cool, Sarah," I told myself, and Betty and I started playing our game. At first, I did a nice job of pretending I didn't really like it. "Ohhhhh, it's Twilight," I condescendingly observed with a slight roll of the eyes. But as the movie and the game went on, I betrayed my true sentiments. Upon the entrance of Edward Cullen, I blurted out, "HE IS SO HANDSOME!"

It went downhill from there. Instead of paying attention to my client, I kept sneaking glances at the movie. I kept trying to get Betty to watch the movie. I asked her if she had seen it. The rest of the scene happened as follows.

Betty: "Yep, I've seen it. I don't like this movie. He's a bad vampire. He kills people."

Me: "No, Betty, that's not true. He's a good vampire. He doesn't like hurting people."

Betty: "Nope. He's evil, I've seen this. He's bad."

Me: "No, Betty. I'VE seen it, and I'm pretty sure he isn't bad."

Betty: "He's bad, I've seen it. I've seen it. He's bad!"

Me: "Betty! Edward Cullen is NOT a bad vampire!"


Basically my love for Twilight made me yell at a disabled woman.

Oy, vey.

I better get back on Harry Potter.


Gillian said...

Hahah! I LOVE it!!! I can so relate! PS I was in Forks last week!! The photos are on fb

Rachel said...

Bad literature written by unhappy mothers can have this effect on unsuspecting victims.


Brent and Shanna Farley said...

Tell "Betty" Shanna says hi! I hope she doesn't stay mad at you. Tell her I miss her.

Lina Hardman said...

Thanks again for a laugh!

sarah said...

That sounds like a conversation I would have. I too am a Twilight obsessed person. Even worse than you because I do have some Twilight related items, i.e. a keychain, soundtrack, movie, and a shirt that a friend bought for me. At least I am past the point of continually reading the books. (I've tried to read the 1st one completely through 3 times now unsucessfully. That was after reading it through like 8 times previously.)Sorry for such a long comment.

Ashley said...

haha this is funny. I have to reiterate what Rachel said, bad literature. I too really liked the first book and I did like the following 2. Breaking Dawn, however, I loathe.
Get back on Harry Potter!!!!

Ashley said...

Oh! Have you read The Host?

Zachary said...

Don't feel bad. Everyone yells at disabled people now and then. Like this one time....well, I didn't really yell, just got frustrated with this girl that kept riding her bike around our parking lot....thought in my head, "what kind of crazy person does that everyday?"....turns out she's disabled. Whoops. See Sarah, you're not the only one.

Jen Ballif said...

That gave me a good laugh. I enjoyed the twilight books too.