Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"That's So Gay."

Jeff has his buddies over, and they're playing on the Wii. I wish that they were like normal guys and were shooting aliens or something. Nah. They're curling. That's right, curling. The obscure winter sport. Readers, have I ever told you that Jeff is the captain of the USU curling team? Yeah, you're probably a little impressed, but don't be. It's not a real sport.

I wanted to blog, but I don't really have anything to talk about. So I asked Jeff, "What should I blog about? I'll blog about what ever you tell me to." The response was instantaneous. "Curling."

I only have one story about curling, and it actually just happened. I'm taking a Modern Japanese History class and we were talking about the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics on Tuesday. My professor said something about how the only notable thing about that olympics was how it was the first since 1910 to have curling. It's a small class, and we're pretty comfortable with each other, so I told the class that my husband was the captain of the curling team. My teacher looks at me, completely serious and says: "That's SO gay." Sorry gay community and Jeff, but its true. That's what my professor said.

This isn't the first time he has said offensive things. Some others: (I've taken liberties with some phrasing, but the sentiments were all expressed.)

"The Rape of Nanking wasn't THAT big of a deal."

"We were asking for Pearl Harbor."


"Politicians should kill themselves after scandals."

I'll try to think of others, for there have been so so many. Do you know what the craziest thing of all is? I love the guy. He is hilarious, which as you might have figured out, trumps human decency in my book. Plus, curling isn't the most masculine thing in the world.


PS. Hopefully nobody was offended. Please keep reading my blog! I promise I'll keep offensive sentiments to myself! Here, I'll post some baby animal pictures to entice you back.

This last one is actually from the Idaho Falls Zoo. I just thought Jeff looked cute.


Emily Ovard said...

Oh my gosh Sarah, that totally rocks that your husband is Captain of the Curling Team. I'm gonna let me geekness show here and say it's probably on of my favorite sports and yes, I consider it a sport.

Madeleine Lougee said...

Haha, oh curling. My Canadian Grandpa played until he was, like, eighty.


AnneMarie said...

Too funny, both your professor, the curling captain, and your blog. That puppy is cute!

chetandbobisue said...

Once again- I think your are so funny! I Love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, that is one of the funnier things I've heard that your husband is the captain of the curling team! I didn't even know USU had one, but that doesn't surprise me in the least. And I personally got a kick out of your professor's comments. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion right?

Riley and Cassie said...

Your blog brightens my day! Jeff sounds awesome. I've never met him but he just got two more points in my book...curling is just so dorky that its cool. And I'm extremely jealous you got to go to the baby animals thing!

Afternoon Tea Break said...

This was really funny! Especially the "I'll-entice-you-back-with-baby-animal-pics" bit. More, more!

Afternoon Tea Break ~