Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Blog Potpourri. (Baby Animals, Mexico, Corn Dogs, And More Baby Animals.)

I haven't blogged for a while, I know. Here's my deal: I like to blog with a theme in mind (like "potent potables" or "silly") and I really haven't been able to think of one. So finally I just broke down and chose "potpourri" as my theme again. Potpourri is a Jeopardy term that roughly translated means that there is no theme at all. Laa-aame, but it's all I got.

JEFF: Still as cute as ever. Graduates in one month. Got second place in the university's creative writing contest. Secretly a little blue, because he got first place last year. I wish I had his problems. Nothing is official, but the Red Cross is very interested in having him do an internship in the fall. He'd be working in the American Red Cross' international division. If this comes together, we'll be back in DC, at least for a semester.

As I said, Jeff is graduating. I've rustled up some money and am taking him on a trip. I'll tell you all because Jeff found out and my surprise is ruined. We're going on a short cruise from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico. It's surprisingly not that expensive. Which leads me to my next point. . .

ENSENADA: I've been there before, and it was quite the experience. Actually, it might have been the strangest day of my life. I went to California for Spring Break my freshman year with a group of friends (and my brother, James) and some of us, being an adventurous lot, drove to Mexico. Ensenada is about 2 hours south of the border. The drive there was beautiful, but as soon as we got into town, a UPS man rear-ended me! We had just heard some horror stories of Mexicans rear-ending people and putting drugs in their cars. Really, it makes no sense, but it was enough to freak me (the driver) out. I drove away as fast as I could, and made sure that I lost the UPS man.

The rest of the day was just weird. There was nobody in the whole town, and apparently it's a major Mexican port. We found a beach, and at the entrance, these two guards were like, "Normally this is a resort beach, costing 20 dollars per person. But today... it's free!" It was a little creepy, especially when we were on the desolate beach. Finally, as we were sun-bathing or whatever, (my friend Suzanne was playing in the water, where she swears she saw a dinosaur.) this huge group of frat boys ran up to us. "You're American??? Thank goodness! We came here for Spring Break, hoping that it would be like Girls Gone Wild, but there's nobody here... And it gets kinda creepy at night when the fog rolls in and only locals are in the bars." So there was 15 frat boys, with no girls in sight, stuck in a creepy town in Mexico. It was hilarious.

Maybe we shouldn't have laughed at their troubles, because karma came back and got us- we got stuck at the border. A pot-sniffing dog smelt something in my car, and they detained us. I, apparently am not good under pressure, and cried to the border patrol that they should let us go. "We're MORMONS! From UTAH!" was my frantic plea. After checking my car one more time, they believed me and let us go. That was the weirdest day.

I'm not really sure why I'm going back...

ME: I've been a really big time-waster lately. I'm supposed to be writting an essay on the Central American Peace process. Yeah... I'm not. But despite this major slacking, it looks like I'm on track to graduate next Spring! I'll be ending up with a History degree and a minor in Latin American studies. Next line of action is to get my teaching certificate whilst Jeff is in Grad school, and/or convince him to get a puppy.

I'm always baby-hungry, but lately I've been baby animal hungry as well. Luckily, Logan has their annual "Baby Animal Days" coming up this week. I. Am. So. Excited. Is it normal for a 21-year old woman to love petting zoos as much as I do?? I'm sure every one loves baby animals, but I YouTube them! That's beyond healthy love, friend.

Do you know who I love even more than puppies? (I've never been good at subtle transitions.)

JOHN: John is my little brother. He is severely Autistic. He is also the bomb. I'm dedicating a section of my blog to him because he has been extra funny lately. He's just started using personal pronouns for the first time. (Before he would refer to himself in the 3rd person.) This has ushered in much cuteness. For example, the other day he went to Sonic with my dad. When it was time to order, he yelled before my dad could get the job done, "Me, I'll have two corn dogs, and one corn dog for my friend here." If you've met John, you'll know that this is hilarious. I mean, the kid didn't even talk until he was 8 and now here is, talking like a gangster? Hilarious. (And don't judge me for wearing a blonde wig.)

AND TO CONCLUDE: Life is great for the Carrs. We've been pretty busy (Or at least Jeff has. I've been busy watching E!) but we've just got a great life. We spent last weekend in Sandy, watching conference (loved Holland's talk) and we're going to drive up to IF for Easter. (I demanded there be Cadbury eggs in the Carr home. They make life worth living.) We're excited for a summer in Logan. Jeff will be working and I'll be going to school, in theory. I have to add the "in theory" part because I'm taking a 7:30 class and I am non-responsive until noon. Mostly, we're excited to be able to spend time together. Jeff has always been a busy guy, but this semester has been his busiest by far. I can't imagine what I'll do when I actually get to see him and talk to him. I'm sure one of us will bring up baby animals.


Gillian said...

Oh my goodness! If you move to DC you can live in our new townhouse's basement!!! For super cheap. Mike, the husband, not the, my husband, takes the VRE in everyday to DC. It's a lot cheaper out in Manassas Park and a pretty easy commute.

Then again you might find this creepy since we've never actually met....or might not want to because I didn't know what a esquipula was. But the option is out there.

My little brother has NLD, which is on the autistic spectrum. My cousin is autistic. My passion in life is children with disorders. I'm not to big on "normal" kids perhaps because I never knew any.

AnneMarie said...

Glad to see you back in the blogosphere.
Kirsten is a foster parent for abandoned kittens and feeds them from a bottle every 3 hours. What? I didn't know you could do that? anyway, I tell you this so you can go see them next time you are in Sandy.
I am still laughing about the corndogs.

Jeff said...

I sure wish I knew where to get some baby animals. Do you know anyone in the market?

Lina Hardman said...


Tiffany said...

Have fun in Mexico--do you speaka dey spanish? Just kidding, I know you are pretty good at spanish, a lot better than me!

Ashley said...

haha I loved this post. You make me laugh! Ensenada sounds very interesting and I hope you'll have a safe trip and have tons of fun! You're welcome for the blog award, you deserved it. :) Oh, and that's funny about your brother ordering at Sonic!!!