Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Potpourri (Russian Novels, Proposition 8, and Walmart)

As I'm sure you know, "Potpourri" is a common Jeopardy subject. It just means that they had a bunch of questions that they couldn't find a random category for, so potpourri it is! I thought I'd do a blog potpourri, meaning I have quite a few things to say, none that follow any theme.

We are sitting at home, watching the Jazz game. Good news, there are FIVE this week. So if you, like me, are married to a Jazz fanatic and live in a very small apartment, you WILL be watching all five games. Jeffrey is going over his RA papers. Public, I feel like I must inform you that he is grossly overpaid to do this. He puts in about 20 hours a semester and gets paid 600 dollars. I'd love to get in on something like that, but on to my next point.

I am unhirable. Yes, unhirable. I can't find a job. There have been several that have been perfect for me, but still the fish aren't biting. For example, there was a job for a receptionist at a nursing home that I didn't get. I've got extensive experience in both those things!!! Why, oh why can't I find a job? I've applied to about ten in the past two weeks. I'm getting desperate, which brings me to my next point.

Walmart. Should I work there? My friend Cam is a department manager there and says she can guarantee me a job. I'm thinking about it. They do kind of exploit their employees, and Cameo definitely gets called swear words on the job more than anyone else I know. But I'm getting restless. This restlessness has led to my next point.

I'm doing pretty darn well in school. I study more than I used to, mostly because Jeff studies and I get bored waiting for him. I keep getting A's on things. Actually, I've been getting A's on everything. It's really surreal- I wonder if this is what it's like to be Jeff.

Speaking of Jeff, he finished one of his billion books he's reading this semester, but also started a new one. This new one? Totally in Russian. And my husband? Yeah, he reads it aloud. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear him speak Russian, I do. But his soul kind of leaves him when he does. His eyes get cold and his face goes blank, just like all those other crazy Russians. It's a little creepy after awhile.

Not creepy, but a little scary is all the fallout from Proposition 8. I tell you, I will always support the church, but I don't like when the church gets involved in politics. It's a strange feeling, the one you get when two unrelated aspects of your life collide. I follow politics very closely, (believe it or not, Mom!) but I really hate them. I can't stand the fighting, all the hate. I think I'm too sensitive to be too politically involved.

Anyway, I didn't like that the church got involved with Proposition 8. Yes, I am a little more liberal when it comes to gay rights. We don't need to open that can of worms. My main qualm about the church's involvement with the Prop is simply that I love how non-political the church is. Politics mean enemies, and I get sad when I think of people hating the gospel for such a shallow reason as politics. I will say one thing, though. I may not understand why we had to get involved in all of this, (and I may not agree completely) but I trust church leaders. I know that they are not hateful men and I know that they are men of revelation; there is a reason for all this. This might seem naive, my blind faith, but it is all that matters to me. Even so, my heart goes out to all those hurt by the passing of the proposition. I hope things will be resolved without more hate.

Speaking of hate, I do not hate my new pine-scented candle. (Classy transition, eh?) I love the smell of Christmas trees more than almost anything. I cried like a baby when my parents bought a 2 ft plastic tree. (I'm still mad! It's a betrayal!) Unfortunately, there will be no Christmas tree in the Carr home this year. Our apartment is as small as Rhode Island. We do have this fake Ficus tree (Fake is only ok when its not a Christmas tree, Mom!!) and I'm thinking about decorating that. We'll see. I'm not the best at making things cute.

Speaking of cute- my Mom and brothers James and John came up to visit on Friday. They are all extremely cute. On Saturday, we drove up to Idaho Falls to see Jeff's family. They are also cute. I'm blessed to be surrounded by cute people. And Jeff. (Hee hee)



Anonymous said...

This certainly seems biased against the poor husband. I feel for the psychological torment he is sure to feel as a member of this household.

Marni said...

Russian Jeff sounds creepy.

Jan (also known as Mom) said...

It's time to get over the Christmas tree.



Maybe I'll get you a pine-scented candle.

Sarah Carr said...

I would like everyone to know that the anonymous poster is Jeff. Isn't he cute?

Ashley said...

Great post! My parents bought a plastic Christmas tree a few years ago too! I love the fresh scent of a Christmas tree! :(
Good luck with the decorating on the ficus tree though!

Marni said...

Also. If you choose to work at WalMart as a last resort, It is understandable. You've got to live. HOWEVER. If you allow yourself to become brainwashed like Cameo, I WILL disown you.